Source d'Argent beach

Source d'Argent- one of the most beautiful beaches in the world according to National Geographic. The resort is located on the national reserve territory of the La Digue island. This is the most photographed beach in the world.

Beach description

There are pale pink sand and granite boulders on the coast, tall coconut palms grow. The water is clear and calm, shade of turquoise. The beach is shallow, the increase in depth is gradual. The resort is safe for children. The beach is separated from the ocean by a reef, so there are no high waves. The water is home to thousands of fish, turtles, stingrays and whale sharks species. The resort is suitable for snorkeling, diving and deep-sea fishing. Hotels of premium class are located on Source d'Argent.

Beach entrance is free for residents of L'union Estate, tourists from other hotels can enter by making a contribution of 100 Seychelles rupees. The resort is popular and crowded, there are always a lot of visitors. L'union Estate offers chalets with restaurants and luxury cuisine. Access to the beach for outsiders is allowed until 5 p.m. Visitors can enjoy scenic views of the nearby islands and visit museum and park.

When is it better to go

The Seychelles archipelago is located in the subequatorial climatic zone, which is characterized by stable sunny weather with little rainfall, without cyclones and sudden changes in daily and seasonal temperatures. The heat characteristic of the equator is tempered by the Indian Ocean. Air temperature ranges from + 27-33 °C.

  • From December to April, the northeastern monsoons dominate the Seychelles. It is quite hot and humid, with heavy rains. Air temperature reaches a maximum. Water in the ocean warms up to + 30 °C.
  • From June to October, the islands are in the grip of southeast monsoons. Humidity decreases significantly, the temperature is + 27-29 °C.
  • The best time for swimming, diving, snorkeling is October and November, as well as the period from February to May.
  • For surfing and sailing, it is advisable to set out from October to March.

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Weather in Source d'Argent

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JMS Ventures
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Pension Hibiscus
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Casa De Leela
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