The best beaches in Crimea

TOP 30: Rating of the best beaches of Crimea

The Crimean peninsula – is one of those places that you would like to discover again and again. Situated between two seas and plowed by mountain ranges, he has seen a lot in his lifetime: from Scythian settlements to the wars of the Russian Empire. Traveling from Sudak to Bakhchisarai, you will certainly feel urge to visit one of the local beaches. Despite the proximity, they can significantly differ from each other: by coating, water temperature or waves. You can keep the beach that suits you, using our rating.

TOP 30: Rating of the best beaches of Crimea

1001beach is a perfect assistant in choosing a place for your perfect vacation on beaches in Crimea. On our website you can find ratings of the best beaches, islands and hotels based on tourists' experience. The position of a beach in ratings depends on its infrastructure, accessibility for children and older persons, cleanliness and other important factors. Learn more about a beach vacation with 1001beach.


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