Beaches in Holland (Netherlands)

TOP 10: Rating of the best beaches in Holland (Netherlands)

In the Netherlands, the spirit of modernity and tradition is combined in an incomprehensible way. Masterpieces of world art, ancient mills of the 13th century, tulip fields and romantic cafes with candles side by side with cutting-edge design innovations and vibrant nightlife. It is best to explore the Netherlands by bicycle. Riding past Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, you can turn into the nearby golden sand beaches. Would you like to spend an unforgettable weekend here? Browse our rating of the best beaches in Holland.

TOP 10: Rating of the best beaches in Holland (Netherlands)

The project 1001beach focuses on a beach vacation. We don't write about things we don't know. All the descriptions and characteristics of beaches in The Netherlands are based on reviews of tourists from all over the world. With our help you can choose a perfect location and learn about infrastructure, popularity and other things about beaches.


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