The best beaches in Israel

20 best beaches in Israel

Few places on Earth attract with the same strength as Israel. The beauty of the hills and valleys, breathtaking, enchanting silence of the Dead Sea, the flowering canyon of Makhtesh Ramon, the ancient walls and paths of Nazareth and Jerusalem - all this is echoed by the blessed fire in the souls of visitors. The beaches of Tel Aviv and Haifa, the Galilee wineries, the metropolitan markets of Carmel and Jaffa let to savour the the delights of paradise. Have you planned to visit the promised land? Check out the top of unrivaled Israeli beaches.

20 best beaches in Israel

The project 1001beach focuses on a beach vacation. We don't write about things we don't know. All the descriptions and characteristics of beaches in Israel are based on reviews of tourists from all over the world. With our help you can choose a perfect location and learn about infrastructure, popularity and other things about beaches.


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