Rating of the best beaches in Turkey

TOP 30: The best beaches of Turkey

The mysterious Lycian ruins, picturesque cliffs and canyons of Cappadocia, Aegean olive groves, the golden beaches of Antalya are just a small part of the wonders waiting for you in Turkey. This country is remarkable already because it is at the junction of Europe and Asia, it has an interesting history and ancient traditions. It offers tourists a kaleidoscope of possibilities – from adventure on the water and the open air to cultural enrichment and culinary research. Spend an unforgettable vacation with our ranking of popular Turkish beaches.

TOP 30: The best beaches of Turkey

1001beach goal is to help you choose a perfect spot for a beach vacation. We understand how hard it can be to navigate through the flow of information, that's why we've collected only reliable information for you. We have scrutinized popularity, natural features, climatic conditions and infrastructure to make ratings of the best beaches in Turkey. Learn more about a beach vacation with us.


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