Beaches in Tunisia

10 best beaches in Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the most accessible and famous African countries for our compatriots. This is due not only to the convenient geographical position on the Mediterranean coast, but also to the highest service, originality of culture and nature. Tunisians have made their country the cleanest in Africa. The nature is carefully guarded, here you can admire the pristine mountains or get out to the Sahara with relaxation in one of the picturesque oases. It is also worth visiting Carthage and the local Colosseum, by all means try coffee and, of course, relax on the local beaches. The coastline is diverse, as well as the entertainment that is offered here, and our rating of beaches will help decide on the location of your ideal vacation.

10 best beaches in Tunisia

1001beach can help you find the best resorts in Tunisia for an unforgettable holiday. Using tourists' reviews we have collected beaches for every taste and budget. Beaches from our compilations will be liked by different people: from people who love extreme to families.


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