The best beaches in Lithuania

Best beaches in Lithuania

The Baltic breezes and the endless days of the summer solstice bestow upon Lithuania a bewitching charm. The beaches in the southern Baltic, strewn with amber, attract tourists no less than the baroque charms of Vilnius or the masterpieces of woodcarving from local craftsmen. Every year, the country is filled with admirers of cool beach holidays, huge sand drifts and pine-sea aroma. Would you like to get in the amber paradise by sea? Our rating of the best Lithuanian beaches will advise you in choosing a holiday destination on the Baltic coast.

Best beaches in Lithuania

The project 1001beach focuses on a beach vacation. We don't write about things we don't know. All the descriptions and characteristics of beaches in Lithuania are based on reviews of tourists from all over the world. With our help you can choose a perfect location and learn about infrastructure, popularity and other things about beaches.


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