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Derawan Beach is located in a truly paradise climate of East Kalimantan with great biological diversity. Derawan Island is popular because of underwater beauty. The depth at which tourists can look at the beach without resorting to the help of any equipment is about 20 m.

Beach description

Tourists arriving on the island are so few that in a short time they become members of the local friendly community. The main activity here is diving, snorkeling. In addition, the marvelous beaches of the island, protected by UNESCO, are "maternity wards" for turtles that lay eggs here.

Near Derawan is a unique ecosystem where thrive the meadows of algae, coral reefs, mangrove forests. Many underwater species are under the protection: dolphins, sharks, whales and smaller creatures such as clams, crabs, seahorses. Divers go to explore the other Islands of the cluster to communicate with a large family of jellyfish from minuscule to huge, they do not sting.

The best time for visiting the beach is a clear sunny afternoon. The pier, pushed far out to sea, has excellent visibility. After watching the green turtles, vacationers go out on the soft white sand, sunbathe or relax in the shade of palm trees.

Those who came with family or friends can face:

  1. Untouched nature.
  2. Friendly locals.
  3. Clean beach.
  4. Boat, bike and equipment rental.
  5. Banana boating, riding on high-speed motor boats.
  6. Different excursions, instructors.
  7. Dive-center teach diving techniques. PADI 5 Star certification is available.
  8. Accomodation near the shore.
  9. Inexpensive restaurants.

It's no use to go to Derawan Beach for a few days. At least one week is needed to justify difficult and expensive trip, to feel the atmosphere, explore interesting places, to feel the life raging around the island.

When is it better to go?

The air temperature throughout the year differs little and keeps within + 28-30 degrees. In the evening and at night, it is slightly cooler, but the thermometer rarely falls below +23 degrees. The water temperature is also stable. In order to avoid the rainy season (months from December to March), it is better to visit the country from May to August.

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Tourists provide the biggest part of locals' income. It will take 10 min to ride around Derawan by bike. Available 3G provides a good connection. The accomodation is quite cheap.

Accommodation options here are mainly rooms, villas in buildings on the water, which are maintained by local residents. The hotels offers chalets with sea views. For big groups there are family rooms. Every room has an access to a private beach. A buffet breakfast is served. On request, lunch or dinner can be arranged directly on the beach.

Diving services are offered with lessons for children and adults, rental of equipment for diving, bicycles. Family guests can count on a baby-sitter. On request, guests are met at the airport, delivered to the resort by car or boat.

On the tiny beach tourists can eat not only in the hotel or expensive restaurant, but also in a cafe, pre-stipulating the degree of severity of dishes. However, it can be difficult to communicate with local citizens, because they hardly ever speak English.

Lovers of exotic food will taste fried locusts or swallows' nests in chicken broth, cuttlefish with rice and herbs. Small stands and food stands offer noodles, rise or cereal. In two central village streets are shops with souvenirs and water. Here tourists can buy chips and fruit, although the restaurant has a richer choice.

It's difficult to find alcohol in local stores. Beer fans will be able to find it only in bars or cafes, restaurants or hotels. Only bottled water is potable. It's worth trying non-alcoholic cocktails with cinnamon, almond and coconut.

Weather in Derawan Island

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Useful information

  1. From Berau it's possible o reach Tanjung Batu by air or sea. It's better to go to Derawan by motorboat, which will take about a half an hour. Also tourists can go by boat, but with big luggage and during bad weather the trip would be too tiring.
  2. It's recommended to change the currency right after the arrival and have the necessary stock of cash.
  3. The locals are very good-natured, always ready to provide support, but the prices are inflated for any service.
  4. During the tides the water level changes dramatically. Those who choose to live in houses on stilts should be prepared for this.
  5. The sun is very bright. It's necessary to have means of protection.

Entertainments and attractions:

  • Trip to Jellyfish Lake.
  • Trip to Sangalaki, Kakaban, Maratua islands and others.

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