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Anse Lazio is one of the best and most popular beaches in Republic of Seychelles. The resort is famous all over the world, thousands of tourists from different countries who want to see spectacular views, stunning sunsets and sunrises come here annually. The place is popular among diving and snorkeling fans.

Beach description

Anse Lazio located on the North-West coast of Praslin island in the quiet harbor of Chevalier Bay, 11 km from the St. Anne`s bay. This is unique beach, access to which is not closed by coral reef, unlike other beaches on the island. The coastline length is 400 metres. There is a soft white sand on the coast, the beach is surrounded by huge rocky boulders. Anse Lazio resort located in a picturesque bay in the northern part of the island with dense tropical vegetation, between lush hills. On the coast there are tall palm trees, takamaka trees, in the shade of which tourists hide from the scorching sun. The beach is shallow, lowering of the bottom is smooth. The water is clean, warm and clear. Within high tide water comes close to the shore. The soft sand is good for hiking and morning jogging. There are lifeguards on the beach. Conditions for tourists are safe, but there is strong current in the local waters.

Tourists get to Praslin island from the airport of Mahe island by boat, ferry, helicopter or mini-plane. You can get directly to the beach by bus from any corner of the island.

When is it better to go

The Seychelles archipelago is located in the subequatorial climatic zone, which is characterized by stable sunny weather with little rainfall, without cyclones and sudden changes in daily and seasonal temperatures. The heat characteristic of the equator is tempered by the Indian Ocean. Air temperature ranges from + 27-33 °C.

  • From December to April, the northeastern monsoons dominate the Seychelles. It is quite hot and humid, with heavy rains. Air temperature reaches a maximum. Water in the ocean warms up to + 30 °C.
  • From June to October, the islands are in the grip of southeast monsoons. Humidity decreases significantly, the temperature is + 27-29 °C.
  • The best time for swimming, diving, snorkeling is October and November, as well as the period from February to May.
  • For surfing and sailing, it is advisable to set out from October to March.

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Before to go to Seychelles, you should book rooms in local hotels a few months before your trip. Hotels of different comfort levels are located near Anse Lazio beach. Many travelers book rooms in another part of the island, and come to Anse Lazio for a day with tours.

On the coast of Anse Lazio there are two large restaurants Bonbon Plume and Le Chevalier with dishes of european, mediterranean, indian cuisine. There is a small cafe with refreshments and snacks.

Many people come to the beach for snorkeling and scuba diving. Conditions are suitable for those who like to observe underwater life, reefs and their inhabitants.

Weather in Anse Lazio

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Useful information

Not all travelers come to the Anse Lazio coast to spend their whole vacation here. Many tourists stay here for a few days or come for tours. The local attraction is the Vallee de Mai nature reserve.

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