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This beach is attractive to tourists for its clean white, sandy beaches and pure ocean waters, in which it is possible to see the bottom after a few meters. Moreover, this island is considered to be one of the most attractive for tourists in the whole of Cape Verde - here magnificent views are combined with a decent level of infrastructure.

Beach description

Santa Maria beach is suitable for young couples, who love active rest - this is an ideal place for surfing (its geographical features and bottom contour are taken into account - very often it is possible to see big waves, and the depth of 5-7 m increases sharply, literally at 10- 15 m from the coast there is a cliff). So it’s definitely not worth going to this place with small children who, moreover, can not to swim. But such a relief has important advantages - there are very few chances of injuring on a shell, lying at the bottom .

The sand on the beach is white, sometimes with a yellowish, lemon hue.

Santa Maria is not particularly popular with tourists, so there will not be problems to find a place on the beach, where it is possible to stay. However, the influx of vacationers is not observed not because the beach itself is bad - it just does not suit everyone. In fact, Santa Maria resembles a somewhat cultivated area of the desert, overlooking the water - judges of the beauty of pristine nature will appreciate it, but lovers of comfort are unlikely.

When is it better to go?

The year-round weather in Cape Verde is warm, not exceeding 23-26 degrees Celsius. However, from August to October, the rainy season begins in Cape Verde, which smoothly flows into the high season in November-March, when Europeans go to rest in warm countries in winter. It turns out that the best time to visit the islands is from April to August.

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Pay attention to the fact, that this beach is named after the town, within which it is located - and this particular locality became a "gathering point" for surfing lovers, because this resort has all the conditions for the prosperity of this sport. The infrastructure is also pleasing - this is a decent level for an African resort! There are several hotels, that are located directly on the beach, and in addition, the airport is 18 km away. There is no problem getting there - all the entertainment, housing and the beach are within walking accessibility.

It should be noted the liveliness of nightlife on the island of Sal! The most popular places are Kalema Bar and Pirate's Disco - a program in the "ethno" style is specially selected there. Visitors of this disco are in mute enthusiasm for live African music. Moreover, locals are doing everything to make tourists like being here - they really appreciate the interest, shown to their culture and customs. And every year, September 15, on the day of St. Mary, the recognized patroness of the city, a festival is organized, including religious, sports and music events.

If you really want to enjoy the magnificence of rest, pay attention to the hotel Riu Funana. It really is 5 stars - the rooms meet with so high rate! Some words about what is offered at the hotel:

  • Animation
  • bar
  • pool
  • jacuzzi
  • disco - with 18+ limit
  • game room - your children will also not be bored
  • internet - high speed, unlimited
  • gift shop - it is possible to buy a souvenir as a keepsake
  • hairdressing salon
  • restaurant - both local and traditional European cuisine are presented
  • beauty saloon
  • sauna
  • solarium


  • diving - all the necessary equipment is rented
  • massage - all types, from sports to healing
  • table tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • fishing - from launches, from a boat and from the coast - everything necessary is given on the spot
  • surfing, and if necessary, it is possible to hire an instructor
  • tennis courts
  • gym

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Useful information

An excellent local gastronomy, the profile of which is the preparation of freshly caught fish, is recognized as another “zest” of Sal Island - everything is done right in front of the client! The taste of these dishes is appreciated deservedly even by the most fastidious gourmets! Well, entertainment, of course, up-to the mark - sports, especially windsurfing, diving and kitsurfing, night walks along deserted beaches leave an unforgettable experience from the rest.

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