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It is located on the west coast of Gabon and is part of the national natural reserve of Loango, which is considered to be the pearl of Africa. A giant coastline of about a hundred kilometers is covered with white sand and surrounded by dense jungle, literally teeming with wild animals.

Beach description

During the day you can see elephants, buffaloes, monkeys, leopards and hippos on the beach, and at night crocodiles make small trips to the edge of the water. In winter, four species of rare sea turtles lay eggs in the soft, warm sand, and from July to September, dolphins and humpbacked whales swim into the coastal waters.

Loango National Park is declared a territory of tourism that does not violate the ecology of the region. This means that you can get there only as part of the excursion tour, which can be purchased in any travel agency of Libreville, Igela and other major tourist centers. It is better to apply in advance as the number of visits may be limited due to seasonal migration of animals and their breeding period.

When is the best time to go?

A typical tropical monsoon climate with a long rainy season is typical of these places. Therefore, the best months to visit the surroundings of Libreville are from June to August, when the amount of precipitation is minimal, the air warms up to 30, and the water in the ocean – up to 25 degrees.

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