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Crowds of tourists on the secluded Paraiso beach of the west coast of the uninhabited island of Cayo Largo you will not see. And it's not just the lack of familiar beach amenities. It takes about two days to get to the paradise beach (as its name translates). However, this does not frighten the regulars of Paraiso: for them, he remains the best holiday destination in Cuba.

Beach description

Paraiso Beach, remote from civilization and practically not mastered by developers and businessmen, gives the impression of a real paradise. Thick white sand is felt under the feet like a soft carpet. It stays cool even in the midst of summer. This feature is due to the karst layer of the bowels, which prevents sunlight from changing the chemical composition of sand.

The transparent waters of Paraiso shimmer in the sun in marvelous shades – from emerald to pale blue. The beach has rare shallow water: you will have to walk along the flat sandy bottom of a good 60-70 m before you can swim comfortably in clear water.

The vast expanses of virgin white sand, framed by shrubs and pine forests, have become a habitat for pelicans, hummingbirds, flamingos, iguanas, turtles, crabs and other animals. The northern edge of the beach was chosen by a whole colony of budgies. Starfish are also not indifferent to it.

The impressive coral reef with steep walls, arches and tunnels is the subject of burning interest of divers. Underwater researchers have around 30 great dive sites at their disposal. Traveling on a yacht in coastal waters will provide an opportunity to admire the rocky capes of Paraiso covered with green moss.

Even at the peak of summer, the temperature on this beach barely reaches 29 °. There are fewer rainy days than in the rest of Cuba – about 35-45 for the whole year. The prevailing east winds freshen the air, without causing severe sea excitement.

When is it better to go

The most favorable time for a vacation in Cuba is the period from November to April, when the air temperature reaches + 26 °C, water – up to + 25-28 °C. The sea is calm, the probability of hurricanes is minimal. 

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There is nothing on Paraiso except a small wooden snack bar (located off the coastline) serving drinks and light snacks, as well as several scattered umbrellas at the main entrance. Fans of water activities should go to the nearby Playa Sirena beach, where there is a diving center with scuba rentals and rental kayaks, pedal boats and other swimming facilities.

In the small town of Cayo Largo, you can find another diving center and other tourist sites:

  • museum;
  • restaurant;
  • discobar;
  • bowling club;
  • gift shops;
  • turtle farm;
  • marina;
  • fishing club "Avalon".

The absence of hotels on Paraiso does not mean that you will have nowhere to stay for the night. On Cayo Largo, whose area is only 37.5 km², there are about 10 hotels and resorts with restaurants, pools and a full service.

The main activities that vacationers on Paraiso beach indulge in:

  • diving;
  • snorkeling;
  • yachting;
  • boating;
  • sport fishing;
  • sea sightseeing tours with a picnic on the beach;
  • hunting and video shooting under water;
  • exploration of the island by scooter, bicycle or car;
  • horse riding.

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Useful information

  1. The name of the island comes from its form (Largo means “narrow”, “elongated”). It is formed from the remains of marine organisms, which make up magnificent coral reefs.
  2. To get to Paraiso from Havana, you need to make a 45-minute air travel. From Vilo Acuna Airport, recently built on Cayo Largo Island, any hotel can be reached by taxi.

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