The best beaches in North America

100 best beaches in North America

The resorts of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts in the USA, Canada and Mexico are fantastically diverse and will be suitable for every taste. Some people prefer comfort and crowded places around the luxury hotels and active nightlife. Others go to wild places with mangrove forests and to peaceful lagoons surrounded by coral reefs. Clear waters of beaches are clean and have perfect conditions for diving. People who love exoticism can lay in the sun on the black and pink sands, and swim in the "boiling" springs. The best destinations for vacation are presented in our rating of the most beautiful beaches in North America.

100 best beaches in North America

1001beach is a perfect assistant in choosing a place for your perfect vacation on beaches in North America. On our website you can find ratings of the best beaches, islands and hotels based on tourists' experience. The position of a beach in ratings depends on its infrastructure, accessibility for children and older persons, cleanliness and other important factors. Learn more about a beach vacation with 1001beach.


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