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Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the southern edge of Hawaiian Oahu. Its name translates as "water flows", which is associated with the numerous sources that existed in the region. Renowned as a royal resting place (formerly Hawaiian kings used to relax here), the Waikiki area now represents a popular resort with a sandy beach surrounded by modern high-rises and the most popular in Hawaii. Lovers and families with children go here for the sake of relaxation on the ocean coast.

Beach description

The length of the coast of Waikiki is just over 3 km. This is a picturesque coastal strip covered with white sand and surrounded by calm blue-azure ocean waters – on the one hand and beautiful high-rise apartment buildings, luxury hotels and boutiques – on the other.

The shore was created artificially and more than once restored by people – sand was brought here from other beaches. The wetlands that existed in its vicinity were dried up, and instead of them a picturesque coast with developed infrastructure was formed, which turned Waikiki into a prestigious resort.

First of all, the beach is famous as a vacation spot for those who seek to learn how to conquer the wave.

  • Waikiki was known as a surfing resort during the reign of the Hawaiian kings.
  • Most of the coast is favored by surfers (mostly beginners) who are attracted by a long surf with small waves.
  • This Hawaiian beach is the perfect place to take your first paddleboarding lessons or try to conquer the ocean on a surfboard.
  • The ocean in this part is pretty calm all year round. The main danger for beginners is perhaps other kiters, who are usually many here.

It is worth noting that before building the coast was significantly strengthened. About 80 dams and barriers were erected along the coast. Therefore, the most safe conditions for swimming are created here, which, combined with a significant shallow area off the coast, allows you to relax even with small children. But it’s worth considering that the bottom is rather rocky.

The most attractive for swimming is the western part of the beach, called the Kahanamoku lagoon (or Hilton), where the most calm waters and a rather extensive sandy coast. There's always a lot of vacationers here. The least crowded on a stretch of beach called Fort De Russi.

When is the best time to go?

To lay off on the beaches of the mainland, it is best to come in the summer, when a sufficiently warm temperature is settled for swimming. Places like Florida or the Hawaiian Islands are comfortable all year round.

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Waikiki has the glory of a resort with maximum comfort. There are showers on the coast, umbrellas and deck chairs are available for rent. The infrastructure of the beach and its environs is developed at the highest level:

  • right across the road from the beach there are many hotels, beach bars, souvenir shops and cafes;
  • along the main avenue of the resort you can find many luxury shops of famous brands and world-class restaurants;
  • there are also plenty of shops selling clothes and equipment for surfers;
  • enough at the resort and night clubs, and on the shore in the evenings there are various concerts and parties

On the beach, surfing competitions are often held, canoe races are organized, and on the shore you can see performances by street musicians. Here you can easily rent all the necessary equipment for various water activities. The coast is controlled by a lifeguard service.

The first hotel in the resort is Moana Surfrider was built back in 1901. Enough near the beach and other historic hotels (for example, Royal Hawaiian). In total, the resort has about 150 hotels. Therefore, the choice of housing near the coast is possible for any preference. Near the Hilton Lagoon, you can stay at Hilton Village.

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Useful information

  1. Waikiki attracts not only with beach vacations and entertainments in the ocean, but also with many interesting places in the resort and in the surroundings that are worth visiting. These include Pearl Harbor, Chinatown, Iolani Palace and Hanauma Bay.
  2. Near the eastern edge of the beach, almost adjacent to Diamond Head, is the vast Kapiolani coastal park, which is a great place for picnics and games as well as an aquarium and a zoo. Swimming in the eastern part of Waikiki is also the most attractive since there is a sandy bottom.
  3. The beach offers parasailing and boat rental for cruises along the coast and for ocean fishing.

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