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Kauna‘oa Beach – a picturesque beach in the prestigious eco-resort of Mauna Kea at the foot of an inactive volcano. Since 1960, from the moment the Rockefeller opened the hotel here, the coast has become a place on the Big Island for celebrities who seek to find the desired solitude in the pristine paradise of Hawaiian nature. Now it is a popular beach for couples, divers and connoisseurs of eco-relaxation with the ability to observe sea turtles and stingrays.

Beach description

Kaunoa is considered one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Hawaii and is one of the five most picturesque in the United States. The idyllic look gives it fine (like powder) snow-white sand, which covers the entire long coast, against the backdrop of impeccably turquoise calm waters of the ocean and framed by emerald palm trees and other vegetation on the coast.

There are several categories of holidaymakers who are attracted to holidays in Kaunoa.

  • People come here to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and swim in the amazingly clear waters. Quiet waters and shallow waters near the shore also allow you to relax here with children.
  • No less attracted to Kaunoa and divers. On the outskirts of the beach are two reefs. The abundance and diversity of its inhabitants make diving one of the most attractive activities on this Hawaiian beach. The most attractive for snorkeling is the rocky southern outskirts.
  • In winter, strong winds blow and significant waves form, which attracts experienced surfers. Beginners are not recommended at this time to go to the ocean. In any case, it is worth considering the presence of strong currents at this time.

The total length of this picturesque beach is about 1 km, but even with all the attractiveness of the crowds, there are no vacationers here.

When is the best time to go?

To lay off on the beaches of the mainland, it is best to come in the summer, when a sufficiently warm temperature is settled for swimming. Places like Florida or the Hawaiian Islands are comfortable all year round.

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You can stay at Mauna Kea Beach, which is located directly opposite the beach. That is why often the coast itself is referred to as Mauna Kea.

The hotel has an excellent restaurant where you can eat or order refreshing drinks. Here you can rent the necessary equipment for underwater adventures and snorkeling. There is also a golf course. There are toilets and showers on the coast itself.

Parking belongs to the hotel, but there are separate paid places for visitors to the beach who are not guests of the rooms. Their number is very limited, so you should come early. From the parking lot to the coast there is an asphalt area, ideal for walking in the shade.

Weather in Kauna‘oa

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Useful information

  1. Kaunoa is a public beach, but to get to its territory, you need to go through the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, which provides a pass on the coast.
  2. Those who stay at a hotel on the coast , there is every chance to admire the manti at night. In the evenings, when the lights come on, the ramps sail to the light in search of plankton. To admire them, there is even a special viewing platform with a beautiful panorama of the coastal environs.
  3. To the north of Kaunoa, about 2.4 km from it, there are 2 small beaches that can be reached on foot. Also, by car from here you can reach the neighboring beach (also with white sand) Hapuna , which is considered one of the best for surfing, since decent waves form there.

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