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Ka'anapali Beach is a long and well-equipped beach for relaxation on the western outskirts of Maui, near the eponymous resort town, where in the old days the residence of the Hawaiian kings was located. All those who appreciate the atmosphere of tranquility and peaceful relaxation, as well as experienced divers who can not imagine their life without exciting dives with a share of extreme sports, aspire here. It is here that the most often preferred movie stars of the United States.

Beach description

This beautiful beach stretches from Black Rock to Canoe . The almost 5-kilometer coast is covered with the purest light golden sand, and the ocean in this corner impresses with its amazingly clear turquoise waters, ideal for scuba diving. Despite the considerable length of the coast, Ka'anapali is always quite lively.

The high attendance of the beach is due to the fact that there are seven resorts near it. Along with the developed infrastructure and proximity of civilization, this is a relatively quiet place.

  • On the coast of Ka'anapali almost too large and powerful waves do not form due to the proximity to Maui of other Hawaiian islands, which serve as a kind of barrier shield for it. Therefore, here you can safely relax, even with small children. Significant shallow water offshore also contributes to this.
  • For diving, the northern part of the beach near Black Rock is most suitable. But it is worth considering that diving there is available only to experienced divers due to the presence of strong currents. The northern edge of the beach is also great for jumping into the water from the cliffs.
  • In winter, good waves can occur here, which attracts surfers here. But it is worth considering that the ocean during this period can be very troubled.

From the coast you can admire whales jumping from the ocean waters, which are especially active from December to May. The tourists are also attracted by the original evening performances, which are held near the northern cliffs. The torchlight procession and theatrical performances remind of the past times in the history of this area, when it was the residence of the King of Hawaii. All this allows you to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of "old Hawaii" on the coast of Ka'anapali.

When is the best time to go?

To lay off on the beaches of the mainland, it is best to come in the summer, when a sufficiently warm temperature is settled for swimming. Places like Florida or the Hawaiian Islands are comfortable all year round.

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The coast of Ka'anapali is pleasantly impressive with its well-developed infrastructure. There is the possibility of renting sun loungers and umbrellas, and cars can be left in the parking lot near the coast. But in the northern part of the beach, finding convenient parking places is usually more difficult. Parasailing is possible on the shore of Ka'anapali, water ski rental is available, and exciting coastal tours by canoe and kayak are offered.

Directly near the beach there are many hotels, boutiques, shops and restaurants, as well as recreation and entertainment areas, including the presence of a shopping center. They can be reached from the coast via a picturesque paved path. There are also several golf courses in the resort area.

You can stay at Ka'anapali Beach Hotel (most budget) or in a luxury hotel – Westin Maui Resort and Spa. The best accommodation option near the northern edge (almost at the Black Rock) is the hotel Sheraton.

Weather in Kaanapali

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Useful information

  1. It is no coincidence that Americans call Maui the island "best of all." Resting here, you can combine a beach holiday with visiting many interesting places and attractions. It is worth ordering excursions to the Haleakal crater (ideally with admiring sunset or sunrise at the top), a visit to the Kool Botanical Garden, called the Gardens of Eden, as well as a visit to Haleakal National Park with a visit to its beautiful waterfalls.
  2. In the immediate vicinity of the coast, near the shopping center on the waterfront, it is worth visiting the Whaling Museum – a place that will be interesting to visitors of any age.
  3. Maui is an island of creators. There are a lot of different workshops and souvenir shops. It is worth taking a walk along them to admire the various things created by local craftsmen and acquire interesting souvenirs as a gift and as a keepsake.

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