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South Beach is located on the southeastern beach of the United States in Florida and is considered the main hangout area of Miami. South Beach is located in the island part of the city, connected to the mainland by a network of bridges and dams. South Beach is a prestigious resort where you can often meet world famous stars. Many of world famous stars have immovables, for example, on Ocean Drive is the famous Villa Versace, he was ushered from this life on the steps.

Beach description

South Beach is a six-kilometer wide beach line, covered with white soft sand. South Beach seemed to have come from advertising pictures and beautiful at any time of the day. In rays of the morning sun, ocean seems bright turquoise, in the afternoon becomes emerald blue and in the evening the water acquires a soft shade of blue.

South Beach is divided into two to conditional areas. For example, in the area of 3 Street, families with young children and elderly people often relax and by 10 Street, young people are pulled up to properly "have a good time" to loud music and often topless or with a minimum amount of clothing on tanned bodies. Here you can often meet representatives of LGBT individuals. Beaches between 5 and 15 streets are considered the busiest and most visited. There are sports grounds, rental of water and sports equipment, all kinds of water attractions and even slot machines, and from the waterfront attracts its coolness Lummus Park Beach, where you can comfortably wait out the midday heat.

South Beach is equipped with awnings, loungers and VIP beds, which are installed around the perimeter. This is expensive, so you can use your own umbrella and towel. Despite the fact that beach is quite busy, there is enough space for everyone. There are showers and changing rooms and there are fountains with drinking water at each exit. At lunchtime, when the sun burns mercilessly and the sand becomes hot, the beach becomes relatively deserted: main audience moves to the pools on promenade or sits in the beach bars and cafes.

Along the beach stretches a boardwalk, every hundred meters installed gazebos for rest and benches. Also on the beach there are a lot of lifeguard towers on which special signal flags of different colors are hung out. Yellow color reports tides and strong waves, purple color reports of the presence near the shore of large poisonous jellyfishes and other unpleasant marine life, green guarantees the absence of any danger and comfortable swimming. Life saving services work very smoothly and quickly in any emergency situation, you can count on instant professional help.

Beach is very clean, algae and debris are removed in a timely manner. Walking animals here isn't allowed, drink alcohol and ride bicycles and scooters. Services include all kinds of water activities, you can rent a boat, jet ski or pleasure yacht, surf, skydiving, play volleyball, frisbee and other active games. There are special children's towns with rope rides, bouncy castle slide and trampolines.

When is the best time to go?

To lay off on the beaches of the mainland, it is best to come in the summer, when a sufficiently warm temperature is settled for swimming. Places like Florida or the Hawaiian Islands are comfortable all year round.

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South Beach is a lively promenade, where bustling with activity around the clock. Numerous bars and restaurants around the clock invite visitors to eat, drink and dance and a variety of shops, including branded boutiques, will satisfy the most fastidious shoppers. It is interesting to note that South Beach is a kind of vanity fair, so it is very important to look good, be fashionably dressed and have athletic figure. In view of this beach area is home to a huge number of fitness clubs, yoga centers, shops and cafes for vegetarians. The most common means of transportation is bicycle, so there are bicycle paths and numerous rental points everywhere.

There are the most pretentious hotels with SPAS, concert halls and helipads on the roofs, designed for affluent tourists with impressive bank accounts. The bulk of tourists prefer to rent apartments in modern high-rises along the beach. Most commonly, each of these complexes has own swimming pool, underground parking lot and all other necessary infrastructure. A variation on this - Ocean View Apartments on Collins Ave in South Beach. Hotel complex is located on the first line in a five-minute walk from the beach next to the cozy picturesque parks Lammus and Collins. Rooms of hotel complex are equipped with fully equipped kitchenettes and spacious balconies with magnificent panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding area. Guests will also enjoy the underground parking lot, outdoor pool, gym, mini-cinema and library. There is own bar and restaurant in hotel complex.

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Useful information

Miami Beach is known not only for magnificent beaches, but also for amazing atmosphere that unique to only in this American resort.

  • Connoisseurs of Bohemian atmosphere and unique architectural monuments will certainly be interesting to walk around the Art Deco quarter, immerse oneself in the atmosphere of the early XX century, admire the unique facades of buildings and old cars parked near the entrances.
  • Young people and frequenters of club parties will like Ocean Drive with numerous beach bars and nightclubs, where music from the most fashionable DJs thunders until the morning.
  • Aesthetes and lovers of active leisure will remember South Point Park, located on the banks of the canal connecting the local harbor with the Atlantic ocean. During this fascinating walk you can admire the luxury yachts, cruise ships and seaplanes in the port, as well as visit the unique bay with growing corals and nests of sea turtles. In the evening the park is illuminated by colorful lights of the Light tower and completely fantastic sight.
  • Creative people and art lovers should definitely visit Lincoln Road, listen to street musicians, admire the works of artists and sculptors and if desired, take part in a variety of theatrical performances. There are also numerous museums, art galleries and concert halls, among which are famous all over the world World Erotic Art Museum и New World Centre.

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