Yelapa Beach

Yelapa is a place, called North American Paradise. Many artists depicted the beautiful beach of Mexico called Yelapa on their canvases. Beautiful beaches, surrounded by greenery and small bungalows.

Beach description

The beach is located a few miles from Puerto Varyate in the village, also called Yelapa. It is possible to get to the beach only by boat or water taxi. The village itself is divided into two parts:

  • One side is an ordinary small Mexican village with ordinary life;
  • The other side is a beach with entertainment for tourist.

Snow-white sands, turquoise and emerald plays of the Pacific Ocean create an atmosphere of heavenly spot. The beach is shallow with a sandy entry. Yelapa is not a very popular place, so celebrities and families with children often rest here.

When is the best time to go?

From May to October, heavy rains and tornadoes are usually played off the Mexican coasts. So the best time to visit the country is from November to March. However, it should be mindful of that prices in the high season are higher than usual.

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Despite the fact, that the beach is not crowded, choice of hotels in the village is great. By the way, electricity appeared here no more than 8 years ago. Here it is possible to rent a bungalow or a cozy room with ocean view. One of the best hotels on Yelapa Beach is Oasis-Yelapa. The hotel positions itself as a place for eco-rest, giving tourists the opportunity to live in thatched bungalows with all facilities. The restaurant has its own restaurant with an inexpensive menu. In the evenings, musicians perform on the restaurant stage or an evening movie theater is arranged using a projector.

There are few restaurants in the village, but they can compete with modern beaches. The restaurants serve fresh seafood, fruit cocktails, and baked pies are sold on the beach. Locals say, that two of their villagers are baking cakes, who are constantly competing with each other. In the evenings, a disco is held at the yacht club. By the way, all the establishments on the beach work until midnight, and some even less.

Weather in Yelapa Beach

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Useful information

There are no cars in the village, everyone moves only on foot or with the help of a water taxi. A yacht club is organized on the beach, where it is possible to rent kayaks, canoes, jet skis, etc. The weather in Mexico is mostly hot, rains are rare, so the water in the ocean is always warm, and the waves are small and calm. It is better not to rest with children on Yelapa, as in the village there are often interruptions in water, and to a greater extent it is imported. Scorpions are also found in this area..

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