The best beaches in Indian Ocean

50 best beaches in Indian Ocean

Do you want to see gigantic coconut palm trees and giant turtles, explore the snow-white seashores and shady jungle, climb the spectacular highlands and go down to the glittering coral reefs? Then the rest on one of the islands of in the Indian Ocean – is precisely what you need. You are expected for excursions to the foaming waterfalls and smoldering calderas, for watching the whale sharks and dugongs, tasting Creole delicacies and wines, and budget-oriented diving, and shopping. It only remains to choose your own paradise from among the offered seashores of the Indian Ocean.

50 best beaches in Indian Ocean

1001beach goal is to help you choose a perfect spot for a beach vacation. We understand how hard it can be to navigate through the flow of information, that's why we've collected only reliable information for you. We have scrutinized popularity, natural features, climatic conditions and infrastructure to make ratings of the best beaches in Indian Ocean. Learn more about a beach vacation with us.


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