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Lily Beach is an untouched private beach on the Huvahendhoo Island. It's located close to the most popular diving areas. It's the most popular place for family vacation or a romantic trip on Maldives. It offers great service and fantastic conveniences.

Beach description

The Huvahendhoo Island occupies a very small area (600 x 100), surrounded by a transparent lagoon and pure white sands. The whole territory is a complex of beach bungalows and villas on piles. There is complete unity with nature, the paths are covered with sand, on which people can walk barefoot. Transitions are wooden, so tourists can forget about shoes.

Families with children prefer villas with entrance right to the beach. This villas have huge terrace and own pool. Snorkeling lovers can get into the reef using stairs go right from the room. There is a complete sense of privacy, the neighbors don't bother each other at all.

The resort is world famous for its romantic beaches, tropical vegetation, standing a few meters from the shore, and exotic reefs inhabited by many species of fish, crustaceans. Every evening guests watch unusual show. Huge fish, sharks, and various stingrays usually swim up to the main pier. When people begin to feed them, the excitement happens in the water and on land, an unforgettable sight.

The shore is shallow and comfortable, tides are not strong, sand is always clean and insects are under control. Home reef is not so far from the shore so it's safe to swim there. An excursion to the coral garden with picturesque reefs is organized.

Dive center is very popular thanks to professional stuff.

It's impossible to take away children from children clubs, because special excursions are held, interesting programs created and also they go fishing. Both adults and children enjoy watching wildlife: flying foxes, lizards and parrots. Apart from exotic birds, there are a lot of animals that used to human presence. At the diving center, visitors can make friends with the tame Heron Kevin.

When is the best time to go?

Maldives – is an equatorial country with a tropical climate, where the weather is always warm at + 27-30ºС. But the islands have some seasonal features. From mid-April to the end of October it often rains here. The dry season lasts from November till April. At this time, the initially clear sea becomes completely transparent, and the sun illuminates in the sky 12 hours a day.

Important: A large amount of plankton is collected in October and November off the coast, which is why the ocean takes on a slightly unclear hue. On the other side – plankton illuminates the sea at night, creating an indescribable picture. At this time, coastal waters are filled with stingrays – fabulously fascinating creatures that are in no way inferior to the dolphins.

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The service level of Lily Beach exceeds the expectations of many, starting with the meeting at the airport. Lily Beach Resort & Spa offers everything people need and even more. Employees create comfort and maintain perfect cleanliness completely unnoticed by guests.

The villas are equipped with all necessary appliances, the bathroom has shaving accessories, shampoos, cream, all of very good quality. Mini bar is always full. Guests don't know the refusal of anything, starting with extra beds and ending with any insignificant trifle.

Guests can eat not only in the hotel, but also in two good restaurants. But not many do this. The choice of dishes in Lily Beach Resort amazes with the variety and skill of preparation. It offers French oysters and Australian beef, more than 20 types of French cheeses, authentic Italian pasta and pizza, a variety of salads, sushi, grilled fish, any exotic fruit.

Any type of alcohol is available here, the bar works round the clock and even fresh juices can be brought by order in any time. The wine list is comparable to the best Moscow restaurants.

The Spa center offers aromatherapy, several types of massage. There are many treatment rooms. Visitors can use one of the programs for face and body care. Tourists visit shop and library, laundry.

Lily Beach is equipped with 2 freshwater pools, there is a big and table tennis, vacationers play billiards, volleyball and badminton, do windsurfing and water skiing, ride a catamaran or canoe. Discos are organized and various evening performances are held.

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Useful information

  1. However people can get there only by the aircraft or floating vessel. A Hulhule Internation Airport is only 25min drive.
  2. Also Lily Beach will be an unforgettable memory of an engagement, wedding ceremony or honeymoon held here.
  3. The island is located in a place that is bypassed by hurricanes and tsunamis.
  4. December-April is a high season, but in any other time it's better to plan the vacation in advance. Price fluctuations reflect demand.

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