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Kunfunadhoo Island is an uninhabited island within the Baa Maldives protected atoll, one of the largest in the archipelago and attracting vacationers with the luxurious resort of Soneva Fushi (Soneva Fushi). It is 95 km from Hulule Airport and about half an hour by seaplane flight. This is a tropical oasis of solitude, designed for true romantics of the atmosphere in the spirit of Robinson Crusoe, not without luxury and comfort.

Beach description

Kunfunadhoo is a vast and very beautiful island, immersed in emerald shades of vegetation and impressive beaches with white sand, dazzlingly contrasting with the azure of ocean waters. Its length is about 1.4 km with a width of almost 400 m. For a long time, Kunfunadhoo was a single resort island of the Baa Atoll, but now it already has several worthy competitors. Although many vacationers invariably choose exactly Soneva Fushi, a resort that is already more than 20 years old and which was originally one of the very first five-star hotels in the entire archipelago.

The attractiveness of this Maldives resort island is due to a number of factors, including:

  • easily accessible (is accessible by swimming) resort's home reef with a rich underwater life;
  • very soft and clean sand on the beach, ideal for barefoot walks;
  • private beach at each villa and bathrooms with garden views;
  • the presence in the tropical garden of the island of its own observatory with an excellent telescope.

This is a wonderful resort for those who love nature and privacy, but are not ready to give up the luxury of comfortable accommodation and pastime. But still it is worth considering that the island of Kunfunadhoo is an eco-resort where wildlife is of particular value, which here is especially protected and preserved in its original form.

Therefore, on the beach, coral branches, brought to the shore by the flow from the reef, may well come across sand. But in most places on the beach, the entry into the water is very smooth, and the bottom is sandy, without coral fragments.

Here you can swim next to huge sea turtles and whale sharks. No less impressive is the variety of soft and hard corals with a kaleidoscope of colorful fish that scurry around them.

When is the best time to go?

Maldives – is an equatorial country with a tropical climate, where the weather is always warm at + 27-30ºС. But the islands have some seasonal features. From mid-April to the end of October it often rains here. The dry season lasts from November till April. At this time, the initially clear sea becomes completely transparent, and the sun illuminates in the sky 12 hours a day.

Important: A large amount of plankton is collected in October and November off the coast, which is why the ocean takes on a slightly unclear hue. On the other side – plankton illuminates the sea at night, creating an indescribable picture. At this time, coastal waters are filled with stingrays – fabulously fascinating creatures that are in no way inferior to the dolphins.

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The resort has 65 luxury eco-villas (one- and two-story) to accommodate guests of the island. Light wood houses with thatched roofs are decorated in the best Maldivian traditions. From the outside, they really seem to be Robinson's huts, but inside they are equipped with the most innovative way. All villas are located within walking distance from the beach.

For guests of the island are available:

  • 7 restaurants (including one in a treehouse) serving European and Japanese cuisine, as well as original Maldivian culinary delights;
  • 4 bars, in one of which guests of the island are offered wine tasting in the evenings, and the second of them is located on the beach itself;
  • luxurious spa with 9 treatment rooms and an extensive list of treatments;
  • open air cinema in the evenings, located near the beach;
  • wine cellar with a collection of 7000 wines.

Babysitting services are available for children. There is also a free kids club with a large pool and water slide, as well as a separate pool for babies.

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Useful information

  1. Guests of the resort can use the transfer from Male Airport from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but it is worthwhile to arrange this service in advance.
  2. The hotel has its own yacht, which can be rented both for a romantic dinner at sunset, or for a long trip of several days. It is possible to book trips for deep sea fishing and organize a kayaking tour around the island. Perfect visibility in the local waters allows you to engage in freediving here, and the stable waves that form create good conditions for windsurfing. You can visit the diving school and scuba dive with an instructor.
  3. The island has a single glass-blowing studio in the Maldives and a rabbit breeding farm.
  4. Especially popular is Kunfunadhoo is snorkeling, equipment for it is provided to guests of the island in the dive center for free. For those who wish to carry out such dives, there are 4 main dive sites where you can swim right next to the coral. You can also order the services of a marine biologist who will teach you to distinguish between local fauna. No less interesting is night snorkeling, when you can admire octopuses, parrot fish and bioluminescent plankton.
  5. The concept of the resort is barefoot walking, not only on the beach, but everywhere on the island, from your own villa to restaurants. Bikes are also provided for walks around Kunfunadhoo. Here you can also join yoga by attending classes under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

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