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Reethi Beach Resort Hotel is located on the small picturesque island of Fonimagoodhoo in the North-Eastern part of Baa Atoll, part of the Maldives archipelago. A picturesque reef with a unique variety of marine life, an amazing turquoise sea and white beaches surrounded by exotic palm trees, provided Reethi Beach a leading place in the list of the most popular Maldivian resorts.

Beach description

Fonimagoodhoo is located in 125 km from Male International Airport, people can get there by hydroplane, which takes only 35 min. The island is tiny: 600 m long and 200 m wide. It is surrounded by a living home reef, which is densely populated with exotic marine life. Here tourists can see stingrays, manta rays, octopuses, moray eels, rare Hawksbill turtles and even small sharks. Since June 2001, Baa Atoll has been declared a natural biosphere reserve and taken under the protection of UNESCO.

Despite the island size, there is enough space to walk and a lot to do. In the central part is a small botanical garden which amazes with the diversity of plants. But the main treasure of this island is its white sand beaches framed by bright emerald green, and a picturesque lagoon with crystal-clear water of an amazing turquoise hue.

In the Western part of the reef is closest to the shore, during low tide visitors can easily get to the very edge of it. Here are beautiful underwater world which can be watched for hours. In the Eastern part the sea a little deeper, respectively, it is more convenient to swim and dive, without risking scratching the corals.

On the island there are many palm trees and mangroves, in the shade of which there are cozy recreation areas with hammocks, soft pillows and wicker furniture. Paths are sandy, so tourists can forget about shoes.

When is the best time to go?

Maldives – is an equatorial country with a tropical climate, where the weather is always warm at + 27-30ºС. But the islands have some seasonal features. From mid-April to the end of October it often rains here. The dry season lasts from November till April. At this time, the initially clear sea becomes completely transparent, and the sun illuminates in the sky 12 hours a day.

Important: A large amount of plankton is collected in October and November off the coast, which is why the ocean takes on a slightly unclear hue. On the other side – plankton illuminates the sea at night, creating an indescribable picture. At this time, coastal waters are filled with stingrays – fabulously fascinating creatures that are in no way inferior to the dolphins.

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There are 120 bungalows on the island, built from natural materials and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Thirty of them are mounted on special stilts directly above the reef, so guests can enjoy the ocean twenty-four hours a day. Each villa is designed for two self-contained rooms with separate exits and an individual terrace, from which a convenient ladder leads to the water. All water bungalows are connected by wooden bridges, at the end of a makeshift pier is the restaurant Moodhu with an amazing view of the ocean.

On the first line there are deluxe villas, each of them has a private part of the beach with maldivian swings and a relaxation area in the shady garden. Guests can use umbrellas, sunbeds and towels for free. Every room has free Internet and satellite television, huge bathroom with panoramic view.

Other forty simpler class bungalows are mostly located on the Western side of the island, a hundred meters from the beach. Some of the villas are detached, some are combined in blocks of two rooms. There are open terrace, shower, air conditioner, satellite television and free Wi-Fi.

The resort offers a fitness center, spa, outdoor pool, volleyball court, mini golf course. Buffet meals are included in the price of the ticket, for more selective customers there are four a la Carte restaurants with a large selection of Asian and European dishes. By the pool and on the beach, there are beach bars with light snacks, desserts and soft drinks. Especially Rasgefaanu is very popular where take place incendiary youth parties and night discos.

Reethi Beach Resort is famous for diving center PADI, which considered the best on Maldives. Here tourists can not only learn all the tricks of scuba diving, but also organize a diving tour to uninhabited Islands lost in the Indian ocean. The center has all the necessary equipment, but the rental price is quite high. The island also has a sailing school, tennis courts and a squash field.

Special attention should be paid to the wellness treatments offered at the local spa. It offers a variety of massages, body wraps, thalasso and stone therapy, as well as a sauna and jacuzzi.

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Useful information

The hotel staff is very polite and helpful, speaks English and German. Also there works Russian speaking manager who will help to solve all the problems. The main contingent of the resort is active youth, young families with children and newlyweds who decided to spend their honeymoon in a tropical Paradise. In high season the hotel is full, so it's better to book the tour in advance.

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