Rasdhoo Island beach

Bikini is a heavenly beach located on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. It has white sand, lush palm trees, transparent waters, tasty tropical cocktails and the rest of tropical blessings. The local ecology deserves special attention: fresh air, wild nature and the ocean with thousands of fish species awaits.

Beach description

Bikini is a 100 m long beach located on the tropical Rasdhoo Island. It's known for its solitude, calm atmosphere and perfect ecology. People come here to swim among coral reefs, sunbathe near the Indian Ocean and try the best tropical cocktails.

Another feature of this beach is the large amount of palm trees: they provide natural shadow from the heat of the sun. Bikini is also famous for its perfect cleanliness, large amount of exotic fish and luminous plankton that decorates the ocean during the night. A perfect view of the tropical islands, narrow lines of sand and tourist yachts opens from the local coast. Even more interesting landscapes await in the depths of the Indian Ocean. Underwater excursions and yacht rides are organized for the visitors.

The majority of visitors are American and European tourists. Many guests from Asia and the CIS are coming in recent years. All visitors are kind to each other and follow basic etiquette. That's further proven by the very low crime rate.

When is the best time to go?

Maldives – is an equatorial country with a tropical climate, where the weather is always warm at + 27-30ºС. But the islands have some seasonal features. From mid-April to the end of October it often rains here. The dry season lasts from November till April. At this time, the initially clear sea becomes completely transparent, and the sun illuminates in the sky 12 hours a day.

Important: A large amount of plankton is collected in October and November off the coast, which is why the ocean takes on a slightly unclear hue. On the other side – plankton illuminates the sea at night, creating an indescribable picture. At this time, coastal waters are filled with stingrays – fabulously fascinating creatures that are in no way inferior to the dolphins.

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The 4-star Kaani Beach Hotel is located 100 m away from the beach. Guests who stay there are offered the following:

  • free breakfast;
  • a restaurant on the hotel's territory;
  • laundry and cleaning services;
  • a transfer from the airport;
  • suites with the view of the bay;
  • lush palms, white sand and exotic plants on the hotel's territory.

The hotel offers suites for families and non-smokers. The rooms are done in European style. They're equipped with air conditioners, comfortable furniture, balconies and terraces. A spacious lobby and a banquet hall are available for guests.

Several restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops operate on the beach. It's also equipped with toilets, changing rooms and grocery stores. A small park and over 10 catering establishments are located 100 m away from the beach.

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Useful information

2 uninhabited island and 3 sand shallows are located near the beach. They're perfect for picnics and solitary relaxation. They're also used as a diving base. You can walk here during low tides.

There are several diving schools on the island. They're teaching the basics of diving to the beginners and show experienced divers the most beautiful parts of the island. They include live reefs and underwater caves with all kinds of exotic fish, crabs and colorful seaweed.

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