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Fulhadhoo Beach is located on the same name island of Baa Atoll, consisted of several tiny uninhabited islands. The island where the beach is located is quite distant from main touristic places, it's about 120km from the capital. The island is 16km long, stretched, so it's well refreshed by ocean winds.

Beach description

Fulhadhoo Beach is in the list of the 30 best in the world due to its pristine beauty, which doesn't require any photoshop. White shore is covered with powder-like sand, and the horizon and the ocean strike with unbelievably blue.

Fulhadhoo is the only inhabitant island. Locals live in a small village in East. They mostly fish or engage in traditional crafts. Lack of civilization is great for those who privacy, merging with nature.

Lovers of hiking in the woods and scuba diving will be delighted with the local conditions, because palm trees and dolphins are more common than people. Families with children will appreciate the local shallow lagoons, which are well warmed and safe for babies. Around Fulhadhoo more than 15 small Islands, many reefs, where divers swim near colorful fish and turtles are not afraid of people.

Scuba diving and freediving are the main visitors' activities. The holiday on Fulhadhoo Beach is quite cheap, locals are friendly. There are no facilities on the beach, except for a few sunbeds under bamboo canopies. Shelter from the sun is provided by trees and dense bushes, and all kinds of amenities are provided to the inhabitants of coastal guest houses.

Home reefs are examined by divers with equipment provided by guest houses. The best are for holiday is the South-Western part of Fulhadhoo. In West the island is washed by the powerful stream, so swimming there can be dangerous.

On the neighboring Fehendhoo a full immersion under the guidance of an experienced divemaster is offered. Activities to choose from:

  • night fishing on an uninhabitant island;
  • octopus hunting;
  • joint swimming with turtles, stingrays, sharks;
  • trip to the glowing beaches;
  • introduction of the local peculiarities, living in a family;
  • romantic dinner;
  • wedding ceremony.

When is the best time to go?

Maldives – is an equatorial country with a tropical climate, where the weather is always warm at + 27-30ºС. But the islands have some seasonal features. From mid-April to the end of October it often rains here. The dry season lasts from November till April. At this time, the initially clear sea becomes completely transparent, and the sun illuminates in the sky 12 hours a day.

Important: A large amount of plankton is collected in October and November off the coast, which is why the ocean takes on a slightly unclear hue. On the other side – plankton illuminates the sea at night, creating an indescribable picture. At this time, coastal waters are filled with stingrays – fabulously fascinating creatures that are in no way inferior to the dolphins.

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While a few locals are busy fishing, tourists enjoy active leisure. There is a medical center on the island, mosque, several shops with a modest assortment. Therefore, don't hope for a full-fledged shopping. All the necessary things, including creams and shampoo, is better to take with in advance. Repellents most likely won't be required, insects of Fulhadhoo are well blown by sea winds due to its small size.

Facilities for a comfortable stay are provided by several guesthouses. Tourists who want to stay in touch with outside world should buy a sim-card at the airport, because local Wi-Fi is weak.

Only 3 rooms of Vilu Beach Hotel are well-equipped. The staff tries to make the guests' rest comfortable and happy, and welcomes guests with sincere cordiality. Proximity to the shore allows to have breakfast listening to the waves and watching breathtaking view.

Guests can have barbecue, do water sports, snorkeling and fishing. On the territory a restaurant works, children can have fun on the clean playground.

Restaurants on the Fulhadhoo Beach work in guesthouses. Products are always fresh, a huge choice of Indian, Chinese, Regional, Western dishes. The prices will surprise, portions are quite big. A lot of delicious seafood is served, and freshly caught fish is served with rice and pasta. In the course of red snapper, tuna, octopus, lobsters, spiced. A lot of salads, juices, all rest from alcohol, which is prohibited on the island.

Weather in Fulhadhoo Island

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Useful information

  1. The way to the Fulhadhoo is full of stops: first, speed boat ride after the meeting at Male airport to Guido, and from there by boat to the booked hotel. Also there is a night ferry from Male to Guido, which runs from Sunday to Monday. More budget options include airplane flight by local airlines, which go between Velanai and Daravandhoo. And from that place to Fulhadhoo people can go y speedboat.
  2. The low season is from April to November, so during this time plane tickets are the cheapest. Holiday planning is recommended to begin with tickets buying, not with a hotel search. The best time for this is 4-6 months before trip.
  3. On Fulhadhoo there is a bikini beach.
  4. A local sim card provides reliable and cheap Wi-Fi.

Activities that popular on Fulhadhoo: swimming, cycling on the paths between green walls. Tourists will have to pay from 50 to 80$ for main island activities:

  • snorkeling with the departure;
  • fishing;
  • swimming with turtles and stingrays;
  • secluded dinner for lovers.

The beach participates in ratings:

7 place in rating Indian Ocean 34 place in rating TOP-100 of the best beaches in the world 7 place in rating Maldives 4 place in rating The best islands in the Maldives
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