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Plage De Boulogne Sur Mer is a vast picturesque beach on the English Channel coast in the center of the same-name port city in northern France. The sandy coastline stretches from the city harbor, where the Nausicaa aquarium is located, to St. Martin's promenade, near which there is a sailing school.

Beach description

Like most beaches in the north of the country, the coastline of Boulogne Sur Mer attracts with picturesque scenery and the possibility of walks by the sea, but not by swimming. The sea waters here are very cold, and only locals dare to plunge into them. But it is just a great place for meditative contemplation, yoga and just exciting hiking. The coast is covered with amazingly clean snow-white sand. It is quite often windy here, and sand can get into your eyes, but there are no big waves.

But do not forget about the very strong tidal currents, characteristic to this French coastline. That is why people usually rest here on towels rather than on loungers or rent one of the houses, located at a considerable distance from the sea, with facilities for daytime beach holidays. Nearby there are usually attractions for children, children's playgrounds and volleyball pitches. At these houses it is possible to safely sit on loungers. There is a sailing yachting school on the eastern edge of the beach.

When is the best time to go?

It is possible to relax in France at any time of the year, the time of the trip depends more on your preferences. Summer - a great time to travel to the sea. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, even on the southern French Riviera is not hot weather. In winter , people go to ski resorts in France. It should be be mindful that in summer and winter in France there is a high season, respectively, prices soar. To enjoy the excursions, choose the time from February to April or from September to November, when both in the north and in the south it is not very crowded. If you go to the French Riviera in September, you will never lose: You will find a time when the weather is still warm and the prices are not so high. 

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