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Water idyll surrounded by modern high-rise hotel buildings. The picturesque beach of Tamuning district resort of the Pacific island of Guam is quite popular, but the prying eyes of holidaymakers in nearby hotels will be a real test for lovers of sunbathing in the cozy and secluded corners of a beautiful island.

Beach description

There are small stony speculations on the sandy shore and the seabed, but the overall coating seems ideal - white and there is very famous Star sand sand. Tumon Beach is located in the central part of Guam Island and is part-time the largest entertainment center for tourists. These and other advantages of the beach allow him to occupy leading places in the ratings of the best areas for recreation.

On the beach is quite crowded, but wildlife lovers are better to go to the beach next door - Gun Beach. Getting to the beach is not difficult, it is enough to land at the airport of Guam, and then follow by bus or order a taxi (in fact, the beach is within walking distance, but with luggage it is not so convenient). You can visit the beach all year round, as the temperature of water and air almost does not change, except for the rainy season - the peak is in July-September, when the weather slightly darkens the rest.

Tumon Bay Beach is about a kilometer long with a beautiful coral border and turquoise tranquil water-like smoothness. The clean beach area is favorable for children. Due to the nature-created barrier in the form of a reef, there are no serious waves on the beach and very shallow even at a decent distance from the shore, which means swimming and water entertainment with children are quite safe. Tourists who once visited Hawaii will find Tumon well acquainted, as in general both resorts are similar to their tourist infrastructure.

When is the best time to go?

Typhoons in Guam are intermittent and the weather is warm all year round. The best time to visit is the dry season - from January to June.

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The entire coastal territory is almost completely reserved for hotels, there are widely known chains among them, for example, you can choose Hilton Guam Resort and Spa, with rooms in the middle price category. In addition, the beach is characterized by a huge number of restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops, as well as entertainment venues. Any tourist from a lonely vacationer to a group of mischievous young people will find something special:

  • relaxing stay with a book on a deck chair;
  • spa treatments for a romantic couple;
  • shopping and gastronomic excursions;
  • club life at night;
  • gambling beach soccer or volleyball;
  • rent a kayak or a water bike, exciting rides on a water banana;
  • boat trips on a rented yacht or boat;
  • snorkeling;
  • scuba diving;
  • fishing in the tropics;
  • stunning sunsets over the azure surface.

Even an underwater walk is possible, you can book an excursion with a boat dive and watch the underwater world from the side.

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Useful information

With children you can visit the local zoo, which contains exotic animals and marine life. A distinctive feature of Caching Park is the maintenance of pets - all residents of the zoo are in their usual, natural conditions, without cages and other barriers. 

In addition to diversify your beach vacation, you can visit the Fafai Natural Park, where in addition to viewing the unique landscape, you can play golf, dive, have a family picnic or learn how to play frisbee. And if you visit Tumon Beach during the festivities, you can not only get acquainted with the natives on the island, but also take part in their colorful shows and holidays in Ypao Park.

Among the attractions worth seeing are the Museum of the island of Guam, the cathedral and the colonial monuments of Hagatna, as well as hear the famous story why the local sand is called stellar. A visa-free entry is especially relevant for unforgettable wedding ceremonies on the seashore and inviting numerous guests.

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