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Guana Cay Beach is a calm and quiet place for a beach holiday on a weekend. This is the opinion that most tourists have, but there is a certain category of tourists who visit this beach solely because of the original institution of its kind - the Nipper's bar. Unique, outlandish and diverse, this beach will seem to every tourist, because there really is something to see and why return.

Beach description

Quite long (approximately 11 km) and narrow coastal zone. The beach occupies most of the islands of Abaco. The natural harbour is surrounded by a local settlement, which contains only 150 people, so you won't often see large crowds of people on the beach, although there're plenty of single tourists and excursion groups here, because relaxation on the beach can interest everyone. In the coastal zone, everyone will find something to do: Couples in love will find a place to have for a romantic date or a wedding photo shoot, nature lovers will appreciate the mangroves, forests and amazing corals, those who want to relax in silence, can relax with a book in a hammock or sit comfortably on the white and soft sand for tanning. This is exactly the place where the conditions for a vacation are excellent, just as good as at other more famous resorts of the Bahamas, and crowds are much smaller and you can always find a quiet corner.

Despite the presence of one of the largest barrier reefs near the beach, a certain part of the shoreline has small waves and is available for surfing. You can get to the luxurious beach from both Nassau airport and Freeport, and then take an inland flight to one of the Abaco islands. If you decide to travel by water, you can get from Nassau by ferry.

When is the best time to go?

Holidays in the Bahamas are good at any time of the year, but the busy season is in the period from mid-November to May. The Bahamas are disposed quite low in relation to sea level, so the wind blows in the winter months, but it is gentle and soberly pleasant. The air temperature is between 27-29 degrees from the end of autumn to the beginning of summer. Traveling with children, it is better to come in the autumn months, while the spring is more appropriate to go for new emotions, and peacefully enjoy the sunshine – in winter.

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The amenities in the area of the beach are very diverse, there are:

  • rent of bicycles;
  • rent of a golf car;
  • organization of fishing;
  • cafes and restaurants; however, some of them do not work in the traditional mode. They are open at the allotted time only, when vacationers have the opportunity to have lunch or dinner; in the evening and early morning only snacks, drinks and alcohol can be available in such establishments;
  • you can rent a boat or other vessel to explore the entire chain of Abaco islands;
  • guide services;
  • kayak rental service;
  • the opportunity to take snorkeling and diving lessons;
  • rent of guest houses or cottages.

Not too far from the beach area (only 15 kilometers) you may stay at one of the most luxurious hotels, for example Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina. Family-friendly rooms, babysitting services, swimming pool, fitness center and restaurant are available at this hotel.

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Useful information

It is impossible to describe all the local beauty without looking at coral reefs near the beach line, visiting mighty forests where rare species of birds and animals are constantly found. When visiting the beach with children, you should definitely watch the local turtles, crabs and tropical species of birds nesting nearby. For the rest of the vacationers, there is also an occupation, because on the beach you can either sunbathe, or travel by boat, or dive with a mask.

There are several shops on the beach where you can buy souvenirs, clothes or interior items. Add to that the Abaco Islands are the elite of sailing in the world, sufficient time is devoted to this occupation. There are also instructors and all the necessary equipment, so for those who prefer to discover something new and lead an active lifestyle, Guana Cay is the best place.

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