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It is situated on the north coast of Puerto Rico within the limits of the island capital, San Juan. It is often compared to American Miami Beach due to close vicinity of large trade malls, luxury hotels, and high class night clubs. This popular beach is located in the very center of the prestigious district of San Juan, Condado, and atracts with its pompousness, noisy fashionable parties, and the possibility to meet celebrities. Condado is also an excellent option for surfers who come here from the entire island.

Beach description

the coastline is rather stretched and wide, and is covered with soft golden sand. The sea is transparent, clear, of the amazing azure color. The bottom is sandy, the water entry in the central part is comfortable, with stones and boulders somewhere on the sides.

Condado has rather high waves because the beach is open to powerful winds and currents. It is surfers' paradise, and families with small children should take special caution at swimming. The guests' safety is provided by beach rescuers, and comfortable swimming zones are marked with special signs and beacons.

The beach is equipped with all the necessary facilities, it has shower cabins, water closets, and changing cabins. At extra charge, umbrellas and sling chairs are offered, and tourists who wish to stay on their own towels will always find a comfortable place here as well.

Condado provides the wide range of beach entertainment: water rides, playgrounds, children's camps with bouncy castle slides and trampolines. Special stations renting boards and the necesary equipment are provided for surfers. Numerous cafes and and cafeterias are situated along the beach, and you can buy ice cream, sweet baked goods and drinks from local vendors, or use waiters' services.

There is a small secret beach in the western part of Condado, almost unknown to tourists. It is called Playita de Condado and is located westwards from the bridge to Ashford Avenue. The beach is surrounded with hotels, so it's not as wind here as on the central beach. Close to the beach, the coral reef is situated that prevents the formation of high waves and strong currents. Water is shallow and warm, and trees bringing cool shadow grow along the beach. Beach rescuers work here; there is a shower cabin, and changing rooms. The beach may be a bit crowded on weekends and in the high season, but you can have a nice time with your family, and not worry for letting small children go into water. Cleanliness and order here are provided by the staff of the hotel Condado Plaza Hilton, they have the special center of water sports where you can rent a kayak and snorkeling equipment.

When is the best time to go?

Puerto Rico is warm year-round, but from May to November, hurricanes often fly along the coast. One of them only a short time ago literally swept off the pier, which appeared before the camera the famous Despacito, and made it a history. Also during this period is characterized by the increased humidity and a lot of rainfall. The most favorable period is the time from December to April. Puerto Rico is recommended for a tourist holiday in these months.

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Near the beach, there is the busy Ashford Avenue with its expensive restaurants, fashion boutiques, and luxury hotels. In the afternoon, you will enjoy hiding from heat under exotic palm trees with a glass of Pina Colada, go for engrossing shopping, or have a tasty dinner in one of numerous restaurants. In the evening, the quay turns into a bright kaleidoscope of music and light - nightclubs and karaoke bars open their doors, where you can have fun until the morning.

Despite the fact that San Juan Condado is considered a prestigious district, accommodation for any budget can be found here. One of the most attractive options in the "price-quality" category is Condado Lagoon Villas at Paseo Caribe, a modern multi-storeyed apart hotel on the first line, one hundred meters away from the beach. It offers spacious comfortable rooms with kitchenettes, private bathrooms and convenient balconies with sea views. On the territory, the garden is planted, there are a swimming pool and a private parking lot. Guests can make free use of the fitness studio, satellite TV and free Internet. Accommodation with pets is permitted. The hotel is situated in the beach western part, the most quiet and cozy. It will take you only five minutes to get to Escambrón Beach, and there are stores, restaurants and trade centers at a walking distance.

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Useful information

San Juan is a large, beautiful, rapidly developing metropolis reconciling the spirit of history and modern trends. Beside the Old City, its carte-de-visite is the sea port connecting Puerto Rico with the other Caribbean islands. Giant cruise liners and luxury yachts also come here, so you can take excellent pictures with such background. In the city, you can visit interesting museums and exhibitions, go to theatre, and just walk in picturesque parks and squares, taking in the view of modern architecture, looking seamless in the local flair.

Outdoor enthusiasts and wild nature lovers and should visit El Younque state natural reservation which is situated a little bit farther to the east from San Juan. It is a real tropical forest with thick jungle, cool picturesque waterfalls, exotic animals and plants. You can get there by yourself, or with a tour availbale for purchase in any hotel.

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