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Rare words can express what makes Flamenco Beach so special. No photos can fully convey the beauty of this place. So you should see it with your own eyes. But please take caution: all beaches you visit afterwards can become a complete disappointment. In order to get there as soon as possible, use Culebra as a landmark.

Beach description

Miracle No.1 of Flamenco Beach is its water. Crystal clear, with soft waves of all shades of blue. All its visitors get a high dose of color therapy. If you come here for the entire day, you will see the impressing performance of water colors changing: from clear, like glass, and soft light blue to turquoise and deep emerald green. Take several pictures of the same locations during the day in order to capture the constantly changing color scene and to save in in your memory for amlong time.

Miracle No.2 – sand. Light, white, soft - it will make a walk a special pleasure for your feet. If you come here early in the morning, you will find virgin sand fills without traces that will become a perfect background for a photoshoot.

Miracle No. 3 – air. Flamenco Beach is surrounded with green hills which, together with fresh breeze, create the unique oxygen composition which is just breathtaking. It is situated far from large resorts and concrete buildings, so you have a feeling of a presence in a paradise corner. That's why romantic couples and just married love it so much.

This beach is always crowded because it is the carte-de-visite of Puerto Rico. If you rent a car, drive from the airport by road 251 northwads to the very end.

When is the best time to go?

Puerto Rico is warm year-round, but from May to November, hurricanes often fly along the coast. One of them only a short time ago literally swept off the pier, which appeared before the camera the famous Despacito, and made it a history. Also during this period is characterized by the increased humidity and a lot of rainfall. The most favorable period is the time from December to April. Puerto Rico is recommended for a tourist holiday in these months.

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Surprising as it is, but the authorities managed to protect this land plot from commercial construction. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for bed, you can stay for a night on the camping zone territory. Municipality collects donations for the construction of a permanent camping town with wooden tents that will be rented at affordable price. Nearby hotels are 20 miles away from the beach. For example, El Blok Hotel.

On the territory of Flamenco Beach, there are all facilities you need:

  • container shops with food and drinks;
  • tents with beach equipment;
  • chairs, sling chairs, sun umbrellas;
  • washing room and water closet.

Outdoor shower with fresh water is open from 4 PM to 7PM. Bathrooms are always open. The beach also has fresh water tanks that are always full. Snorkeling tours and catamaran excursions are arranged on Culebru. During the underwater world exploration, you will have a chance to swim with turtles, devilfish, and numerous colorful tropical fish, and see corals of curious shapes.

Weather in Flamenco

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Useful information

  1. The beach territory has several points where you can buy food and have a refreshing cocktail. We recommend you to take local Pina Colada: you will never forget its tropical taste.
  2. This beach is self-sufficient - it needs neither noisy entertainment program notr dances till one drops. You need only a book, a sun protection cream, and your bikini. And if you go there with friends of family, take a tent and food for BBQ.
  3. This beach is always crowded because it is the carte-de-visite of Puerto Rico. Choose working days when the locals have their business, and children are at classes.
  4. On this beach, one can often see foamy waves with creamy-white fluffy crests. They create fantastic views but make no obstacles for swimming, at the same time. It is convenient to relax with children here: sand and shallow water by the coastline create comfortable conditions for little explorers.

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