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The Bora Bora Atoll in the southern part of the Pacific ocean, which belongs to the French Polynesian Society Islands group, is called an earthly paradise. It acquired such a flattering definition due to his natural advantages. Amazingly clean water, white sandy beaches, air temperature that is at +27° all year round, sprawling palm trees surrounding the coast, tender sun, warming body and soul. All this together exactly corresponds to our ideas of what paradise should look like.

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On closer inspection, it turns out that not all beaches of Bora Bora correspond to our ideas about the ideal. Bora Bora is a volcanic island. It arose in the crater of an extinct volcano. A lagoon is located Inside the island, the water in it warms up perfectly. Despite its closeness, water has a high degree of transparency. The role of natural filters is played by corals that surround the island. The interior of the lagoon is heterogeneous. In some places the bottom is sand and coral chips, somewhere - sand and shingle.

For example, Motira is the only public beach on the island that stretches along its southeastern tip on the outside. The sand is soft and fine like powder on the coast, and the entrance to the sea is broken coral. On Eden Beach, where not the highest-end hotels are concentrated, there is algae in the water, on the Intercontinental Thalasso, where chic and luxury prevail, the entry into the sea is sandy, but on the common beach the sand is hard, as if compressed. Despite the internal attractiveness of all local beaches, each need to be considered separately to choose the suitable one.

Beaches on Bora-Bora are officially public but most of areas on them and sometimes the whole one belong to hotels.

Beaches are long but its width is not more than 20 m. The coolest entertainment on Bora-Bora - is snorkelling (swimming with a tube and a mask underwater). A mask and tube are provided in each bungalow as a guest service. The underwater world of Bora Bora is astonishing. Local people feed rays here. They are almost tame and are not afraid of people. Feeling of such communication with silent underwater giants is amazing. Here, all comers can feed reef sharks or barracudas. Everything happens under the supervision of professionals, so you should not be afraid for your safety.

Diving and parasailing are also popular on the island. You can ride a scooter, yacht, boat, catamaran, kayak. By the way, kayaking is also possible between hotels and even the nearest islands.

It is possible to reach the central island and the surrounding islands in different ways. The ring road connecting the hotels of different islands passes around. You can reach the place by special transport boats from the airport, which is located on the most northern of the islands. There is also a ferry service.

When is it better to go

The tropical climate of the Society of French Polynesia Islands allows you to relax here all year round. Air temperature always keeps at + 25-27˚С. The water temperature is in the same range, and a light breeze from the ocean allows you not to notice the heat. But the period from October to April is considered the best time to relax, when it is actually a summer on the islands. In winter, travelers say the weather is very unpredictable.

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All beaches have sun loungers and parasols. Hotels on the island are a network of separately located bungalows, standing on stilts directly in the water.

One of the most exotic excursions is walking on the bottom in an armour. The armour looks like a transparent square aquarium, which is worn on the head and where oxygen is supplied. It looks funny but interesting.

The main city of Bora Bora is Watanau. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, nightclubs and official institutions. Motira Beach also has a small shop where you can buy drinks and a snack. The most popular restaurant on Bora Bora is "Bloody Mary", where various celebrities dined. Their names are engraved on the board at the entrance.

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  1. Palm trees and bushes grow along the beach, providing shade. You can walk along these palm plantations, but ripe coconuts fall from above. You should be careful.
  2. There are local native temples - matae near the village of Faanui. Local people demonstrates ritual dances and worships there.
  3. A small airplane flies from Tahiti to Bora Bora. The trip will take 40 minutes.
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