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Cayo de Agua is part of the Los Roques archipelago, which is located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, about a hundred kilometers north of the capital of Venezuela, Caracas and at the same distance to the east of Curacao. This part of the sea is one of the most favorable in the whole sea. There are very few famous storms. And the number of clear sunny days is one of the biggest on the planet.

Beach description

the Island from outside may look completely unsuited for living and relaxing. It is almost entirely composed of sands that are bound in bizarre forms in shallow water. In some places there are rises- about ten meters above sea level. The hills are also made up of sand dunes and covered with extremely meager vegetation- mainly grass.

Sand on the island is of two different shades and composition. On most of the territory there are small white sands, formed primarily from sedimentary rocks and remnants of coral reefs. Closer to the eastern extremity, a trail of red sands with larger grains of sand predominates. Sand is seeded into the sea, which is extremely shallow around the coast.

the island is located inside a small archipelago. Neighboring islands prevent large currents and mixing of water, the influx of cold masses. In view of this, the water warms to a temperature of 26 28 degrees and stays at this level almost all year. The most unfavorable month in this year is January. However, even at this time, water very rarely becomes colder than 25 degrees.

When is the best time to go?

Venezuela was lucky with its geographical location: hurricanes and tornadoes almost do not pass through the territory of this country, and thanks to the subequatorial climate, the temperature does not fall below 20 and does not rise above 27 degrees all year round. The best time to visit Venezuela is from November to May, during the dry season.

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The islands are completely uninhabited at night. The land itself, together with the adjacent waters, is a national park, in the domestic waters there is a rich water world, which you can admire with the help of rented diving equipment.

On the beach itself, only temporary parasols and sunbeds are installed only when the next group of tourists arrives. You can get here only as part of an excursion group or on a separately rented boat. The nearest hotels are located on the island of Los Roques, where planes fly with tourists from Caracas. Many hotels on it have as an additional service delivery to warm island beaches for a day or half a day.

What is true, approximately half of the hotels are similar to ordinary pensions or family vacation homes. The best hotel is Villa Caracol, it has 4 stars. Accommodation will cost approximately $ 120 for two adults per day. To stay directly on Cayo de Agua even for one night is unlikely to succeed.

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On the islands of the archipelago, the weather is warm all year round. However, the best time to relax is from November to March. At this time, winds blow from the mainland, bringing heat and anticyclones from South America. Closer to summer, stronger winds begin, which regularly change their direction, gradually bring clouds and cyclones. The wet season is from June to September, when about 2/3 of the total annual rainfall falls.

On the islands, drinks, including alcoholic drinks, are provided during the holidays. However, the cuisine is quite specific. In view of the remoteness from the mainland, fruits and vegetables are sold at fairly high prices. And the predominance in seafood dishes, both fish and a variety of shellfish is overwhelming. Meat dishes will cost significantly higher. And in hotels of a low price category it will be very difficult to find them even for breakfast.

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