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Pink Beach is one of the few "pink" beaches Tangsi, which is located in the South-Eastern part of the Indonesian island of Lombok. Thanks to the remoteness and uncomfortable entrance, this part of the shore is untouched by mass tourism. For now it is a weekend getaway recreation place with unique beauty and crystal clear calm waters.

Beach description

On a clear day sand is almost white. During sunsets it's pinkish. On closer inspection, people can see that the grains of sand are mixed with the smallest fragments of dead red corals, which gives the beach such an unusual appearance.

Pink Beach is one of a few places where tourists can enjoy swimming in calm waters. Surfing is not developed here, so visitors just swim or dive. The bottom is very gentle, so this place is one of the safest, and parents can be sure in their children's security. There are no lifeguards, but also no noisy parties. Usual visitors of this beach are couples, families with children, photography and relaxation lovers.

Facilities for the guests:

  1. There is a parking lot.
  2. Small entrance fee.
  3. Toilets work.
  4. Umbrellas and gazebos will protect from the sun.
  5. Umbrellas, sunbeds, kayaks are rented.
  6. Some stalls sell simple snacks, drinks, coconut water.
  7. Tourists can snorkel and diving, but only if they have their own equipment.
  8. There are no amusements, but dense sand is perfect for ball games.

Cliff encloses Eastern part of the beach, and anyone can climb it without an effort and special equipment. There is a beautiful view of pink shore and ocean.

Path may seem unnecessarily hard, because the last ten kilometers are broken. Steep slopes and ascents are a primer dotted with holes. But the beauty of the unusual beach is able to eclipse all other impressions.

When is it better to go?

The air temperature throughout the year differs little and keeps within + 28-30 degrees. In the evening and at night, it is slightly cooler, but the thermometer rarely falls below +23 degrees. The water temperature is also stable. In order to avoid the rainy season (months from December to March), it is better to visit the country from May to August.

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There os no complete infrastructure. Visitors are supplied with basic facilities that don't disturb the natural Indonesian atmosphere. There are no classy restaurants, but tourists are never hungry. Along the road locals offer their harvest, small cafes serve traditional rice with meat or egg. Tourists should stock up on provisions in advance, if they want to stay on the beach longer. Also it's recommended to take water. There are no cocktails nearby, locals will offer coconut beverage or refreshing iced tea.

It will take 10 min ti drive from the Pink Beach to Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp. This hotel is just a group of small comfortable villas with access to the beach. The staff is very hospitable and helpful, transfer from the airport can be arranged . Close to the surf there is a great place surrounded by picturesque vegetation and views on the sunset, where tourists can relax from everyday routine.

The hotel is interested in entertaining leisure for guests: snorkeling is organized, dawn meeting by boat, bicycles for rent. Spa is rented separately. Breakfast and lunch are served. Hotel restaurant serves delicious meals.

People go to Mataram for shopping and entertaining. There active tourists can find various tours and excursions. The road is not very long, about 2 hours, but considering its quality and specifics of local traffic, it is better to rent a car with a driver. Rental available for one day or more.

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Useful information

  1. From October to April there is a rain season, however here is always wet. The presence of clean and dry clothes should be taken care of in advance, after washing almost nothing dries on their own.
  2. Lombok citizens are muslims, so it's recommended not to ride a scooter in swimsuit. As a respect to local traditions, it's better to be dressed.
  3. Brought with or bought food shouldn't be left unattended. There are a lot of small monkey thieves.
  4. Planning to spend the whole day on the beach, visitors shouldn't forget to bring sunscreen.

Excursions and events are available:

  • Countryside bike ride.
  • 6 hour bike tour from Mataram.
  • Trip to Gili islands.
  • Exploration of Pura Meru, which is in Cakranegara.
  • National Park in the Northern part of Gunung Rinjani island.

The beach participates in ratings:

79 place in rating TOP-100 of the best beaches in the world 3 place in rating Southeast Asia 3 place in rating Indonesia 1 place in rating Lombok
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