Seven Mile beach

This beach is known to be the most beautiful in Jamaica and the entire Carribean region. With its vast territory, it is divided into several areas where not only ordinary visitors, but also supporters of nudism or sunbathing topless quietly enjoy the beach vacation. Seven Mile is located in Negril, Jamaica's west coast, just an hour and a half drive from Montego Bay. Those who have already had the opportunity to enjoy the perfect tropical atmosphere on this beach, call it a paradise place.

Beach description

Seven Mile is a huge, 11 km long beach with clear azure waters, silky sand and luxurious views of sunsets, mountains, and thickets of tropical palms. Because the bay where the beach is located, is protected by a reef, there are never big waves and high tides. Gentle slope gradually passing to the depth and sandy bottom, create comfortable conditions for swimming and diving. An unforgettable impression is made by the panorama that opens before the eyes of visitors - the boundless ocean merging with the cloudless blue sky and white sand smoothly stroked by soft waves.

Seven Mile beach is not as well groomed as the primitive beach areas, yet it is quite clean and landscaped.

Seven Mile Beach is south of Montego Bay. You can get to this place by taxi or rented car. Excellent road and beautiful tropical landscapes will allow you to take many spectacular pictures while you drive to the beach.

Seven Mile beach is suitable for vacation for everyone without restrictions - alone, family or company, the elderly and people with disabilities. Hippies and nudists also come here. On the beach, they regularly arrange parties where there is freedom of morals, so these areas of the beach are not recommended for families with children and those looking for privacy.

When is the best time to go?

In Jamaica, the temperature is kept in the range of 20-30 degrees year-round. Rains take place in May-June and September-November. It is best to come from December to March: it is very warm at this time, and the rains will not bother you. 

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Seven Mile Beach offers its visitors everything they need for a comfortable beach vacation. There are bars and restaurants with locals cuisine and reggae music, showers with toilets and changing rooms equipped with sun loungers. There are shops and markets on the beach with vendors who insist on offering local souvenirs, drinks, and food.

Seven Mile Beach hosts a bustling weekly party where you can enjoy all the charms of free times. This beach offers its visitors a lot of entertainment:

  • yacht riding, bananas, and water skiing;
  • water cruises on sailing boats and catamarans;
  • snorkeling and diving;
  • horseback riding and others

Tired of having fun, Seven Mile Beach visitors can spend the night at the nearest hotels. In the vicinity of the beach there many housing options for different levels of comfort - from village houses to 5-star hotels. However, to stay overnight at the chose hotel, visitors do not even need to leave the beach - many of them are right on the coast. There are hotels on Seven Mile Beach, for example, Hedonism II All Inclusive Resort, which offers rooms only for adults (18+). To be sure of the high season - winter and spring, that you will have a place to stay, it is better to book in advance.

Weather in Seven Mile

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Useful information

Seven Mile beach is a place where you can come all day, for a few hours or a few days. No other beach in Jamaica offers as many entertainment options as Seven Mile Beach. Resting here you can dive from the rocks, explore the underwater world, take part in ocean fishing, visit a beach party or visit popular places:

  • Royal Palm Reserve;
  • Abba Jahnehoy Place;
  • Times Square Mall;
  • Negril Watershed Environmental Protection Area.

Visiting Seven Mile Beach is an adventure that leaves a lot of pleasant experiences and vivid memories.

The beach participates in ratings:

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