Bagni Tiberio beach

Is the most cozy beach in Capri

Small Bagni Tiberio located on the north coastline of the island. Among the rocky bays of the island - an almost perfect place for the beach. Almost because there’s just a little space: a small strip of coastal shingle along the cliffs. There is everything necessary for the rest: wooden terraces for sunbathing, a restaurant to satisfy hunger and pure turquoise water for bodily and emotional rest.

Beach description

Bagni Tiberio belongs to the category of beach clubs. Entry to the club is paid. As in all similar clubs in Capri, the average price, which includes rental of loungers and swimming, is for about 20 euros. But there is also a very small free area. On Capri there is almost no sandy beaches, Bagni Tiberio is no exception. There are small shingle and rocks. The length of the beach strip is about 50 meters, it is even called miniature. Wooden steps from the restaurant, which is called after the beach, lead directly to the sea. The entry into the sea is smooth and shallow, so the beach is comfortable for families with children. Although it is not recommended to enter the sea without special shoes, it is possible to run against large shingle and rocks, that start already from half a meter.

The water is calm here. The inconvenience is created by boats, which scurry back and forth, bringing tourists. A transit route to the Azure Grotto is also here. The bathing area is enclosed by buoys, over which it is dangerous to swim because of the same boats. Sunbeds and parasols are located directly on the wooden terrace and along the beach strip. There is catastrophically little place, especially in the high season, which is opened from May until September.

The beach of Bagni Tiberio is reached by boats from the seaport of Marina Grande or by bus. It takes 5 minutes to swim by sea, the bus stops 10 minutes walk from the beach. Thanks to calm water and a smooth entry, the beach was loved by family vacationers, but there are plenty of guests of coastal hotels here. After all, the places here are picturesque, the water is incredibly pure, and the sights around are interesting.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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There are few luxury hotels in the Bagni Tiberio region. The nearest ones are located 200 meters from the beach. The cost of living in them starts from 100 euros per day. The most chic hotel J.K. Place Capri costs ten times more. There is only one restaurant on the beach, it serves local dishes to guests. Many come here precisely because of the restaurant, where it is possible to taste grilled octopuses, lobsters. In the autumn-winter season, the restaurant does not work, as does the beach itself. In Bagni Tiberio there is no sea entertainment, the beach is simply too small for this. Although it is possible to do water sports here. All, that the local infrastructure offers: bathing, food, drinks. The spacious wooden sunbathing terrace, as well as the stone slabs nearby, is the place, where loungers are arranged for vacationers.

  • Parasols and lounges
  • Changing cabins
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Water sports

Weather in Bagni Tiberio

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J K Place Capri
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Hotel Caesar Augustus
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Capri Palace
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Useful information

The most widely promoted sights in the Bagni Tiberio region:

  • The ruins of the ancient Roman baths of Augustus
  • Villa San Michele
  • Azure Grotto

It is no coincidence, that the Roman emperor Tiberius himself chose this place. He arranged for himself 12 villas in Capri. All of them were discovered during archaeological excavations. The tyrant was terribly afraid of the treacherous attack, so no one knew, which of the villas he would spend the night in. Roman baths or thermae (hence the name of the beach) were inherited from the predecessor of the emperor Octavian Augustus. That did not welcome luxury, but used to say about Capri, that this place was for lazy bliss. So, he built here baths, which Tiberius improved and expanded later.

Villa San Michele is a luxurious spacious mansion, built in the 20s of the last century by a Swedish doctor. It is equipped with maximum visibility and comfort. The entry to the villa is guarded by stone sphinxes. Now here is a museum. Entry fee is 8 euros.

Bagni Tiberio is located between the Azure Grotto (also called the Blue Grotto) and the pier Marina Grande. So, it is possible to drive in the natural sight of the Azure Grotto and from that and from another beach by a boat, plunge into the water of azure-sapphire colour in the depths of the rocky cave. It is only better to do this in the afternoon: the same beauty, but less people. The Azure Grotto can be reached as part of a group tour or individually. The cost of the excursion is 14 euros per person, while 4 euros is the fee for visiting the grotto itself, the rest is for the boat. It is possible to reach the grotto and by land, having reached the cape by bus, but it will still necessary to to pay 4 euros for entry.

Useful facts:

  1.  Driving around the island during the summer season is prohibited. The cost of a one-time bus ticket is 1.8 euros.
  2.  The whole island is small in length, only 10 km. It can be bypassed in a few hours. Distances from hotels to the sea range from 100 to 400 meters. But most of them are located in the mountains. To get to the beach it is necessary to descend on foot, by bus or funicular.
  3.  The toilet also serves as a changing cabin. It is paid. The cost is 50 cents. Shower costs 1 euro.
  4.  Of the water sports in Capri, diving, windsurfing and yachting are available.
  5.  The Azure Grotto is small, but there are many, who want to get there. In high season, the waiting can be up to 2 hours. In stormy or windy weather, the grotto may be closed, about which you will be warned at the box office.

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