The best beaches in Italian Ionian coast

20 best beaches in Italian Ionian coast

A flat strip of wide sandy beaches, caressed by ionic waves, is the hallmark of western Italy. Fans of exotic have a fascinating journey from Sibari to Santa Severina. Exploring a continuous chain of resorts, they will discover the beauty of Calabria - its mountain ranges, beech groves, chestnut forests. And Byzantine temples and medieval fortresses will introduce the glorious history of the region. Choosing a decent holiday destination will allow our rating of the beaches of the Ionian coast of Italy.

20 best beaches in Italian Ionian coast

1001beach goal is to help you choose a perfect spot for a beach vacation. We understand how hard it can be to navigate through the flow of information, that's why we've collected only reliable information for you. We have scrutinized popularity, natural features, climatic conditions and infrastructure to make ratings of the best beaches in Italian Ionian coast. Learn more about a beach vacation with us.


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