Marina Piccola beach

The most charming beach in Capri

The most popular, picturesque and equipped beach on the island, Marina Piccola beach, is located in the same-name bay. Incredible, azure-colored water and beautiful views for photo shoots are the landmarks of the beach. It is possible to pose against the background of colourful reefs, surrounding the beach, against the background of the Faraglioni cliffs or luxurious villas, where wealthy newlyweds like to rest on their honeymoon.

Beach description

The beach is located in the southern part of Capri. In the region of Marina Piccola there was a Roman port once in ancient times. There is still a small pier, where boats, bringing vacationers, moor. In the Marina Piccola region, there are two beach areas, separated by a cliff. The sun in this bay is only at the beginning of the day. The length of the beach strip, including both sides, is not more than 100 meters, and the width is about 7 meters. These are municipal beaches, there are also private territories. But since the beaches are small, the free area is almost always crowded. And in that, and in another parasols and lounges are located. The cost of entering the paid area and a lounge is about 20 euros. It is necessary to pay for an parasol separately.

Sometimes the water in the bay near the coast is filled with foam, which is whipped by large yachts, moored nearby. The water in the bay is very calm, even during a storm. It will be convenient with children here, as the entry is smooth, it is shallow even 20 meters from the coast. The beach strip - shingle and a little sand, which is a rarity in Capri. The bottom - coarse shingle. There are stone terraces, on which there are sunbeds, where it is possible to sunbathe.

It is possible to go to Marina Piccola along Via Kruppa on foot, take a bus, excursion boats sail here, it is possible to get there by a taxi. The constant contingent of the beach is families with children, tourists, guests of luxury villas and hotels, located nearby, newlyweds. On the beaches of Capri there is no place for fashionable gatherings and parties. They all rattle upstairs in the capital, where there are enough cafes and restaurants. The swimming season here begins in June and lasts until September.

When is the best time to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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There are many good hotels in the outskirts of the hotel. But guest apartments and villas are especially popular at Marina Piccol. Each has pools. And the cost of living in such houses is from 500 to 2000 euros per day. On the beach there is a restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine, which gave the name to the second half of the beach. From the terrace of the restaurant it is possible to enjoy the views, and in the evenings enjoy beautiful sunsets. By the way, the prices in the restaurant are rather affordable. Vacationers are brought to Marina Piccola, then after 6-7 hours they are picked up by agreement. Boats sometimes just stand and wait for their passengers. There are no usual entertainments on the beaches of Capri: riding a scooter and a banana. The island is too small, and there are many reefs around. Such ridings are simply dangerous.

  • Children area
  • Free equipped beach
  • Sunbeds and parasols
  • Changing cabins
  • Shower
  • Rental of beach accessories.

Weather in Marina Piccola

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Useful information

The most widely promoted sights in the outskirts of Marina Piccola:

  • Cliffs of Faraglioni
  • Monte Solaro Peak
  • Historic center of Anacapri

From Marina Piccola it is possible to go boating to the famous cliffs of Faraglioni. They, like petrified guards, guard approaches to the island from the north. They are three and the locals nicknamed them “the three brothers of Faraglioni”. Of course, as always in such a place, there is a belief, that if swim between them, luck awaits.

The highest point of the island, the peak of Monte Solaro, can be reached by lift. Locals call it "foggy mountain." It got its name in the autumn, when fog steeps its peak. In summer, the wonderful views are opened from there. Being raised on a lift uphill, it is better to put off the headgear and not click on the camera of the smartphone The hat may be blowed. Vacationers on a lift every now and then watch flying women's hats. And the smartphone can be accidentally dropped. Anyway, at the peak there will be a lot of viewing platforms, from where it is possible to take wonderful photos.

The historical center of town of Anacapri differs from the capital. It is quiet and calm here. The architecture of the buildings delights with its simplicity and grace. In Anacapri, there is not so high prices in cafes and restaurants compared to the capital.

Useful facts:

  1. On the largest beaches there is a paid area and free. Sun beds and umbrellas are paid almost everywhere
  2. There are no special entertainments for children on the beaches, but animators work in almost all hotels .
  3. Cliffs of Faraglioni are a favorite place for divers, where the depth is several hundred meters. The bottom is covered with yellow plankton.
  4. The price of a taxi drive is fixed - 25 euros to either end of the island.

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