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Goodman's Bay Beach is a popular coast on the northern outskirts of New Providence. Along with Cable Beach , to the east of which it is located, it is also the most beautiful and visited public beach near the center of Nassau. The picturesque coast of Goodman Bay is popular among families with children and lovers of active water activities, and here you can often see local residents doing jogging and yoga. Young people are also attracted to this beach, as beach parties are often held on its shore to the music of reggae and calypso.

Beach description

From the one side, the wide sand beach of Goodman Bay is surrounded with transparent azure ocean waters, perfect for snorkeling, and the shade of emerald beefwood, from the other. Tall hotel complexes rise on the background, on the beach edge. This beach is covered with snow white sand but it is not as soft as on the other beaches of Nassau, more coarse-grained and dense but also very clean.

On the beach, you can enjoy calm relaxing air, and there are usually less tourists that on the neighboring cable Beach. Affordable rent of banana boats and water scooters, and the possibility parasailing add something different to beach leisure. Charlotte fort is situated approximately 2 km away from the beach.

When is the best time to go?

Holidays in the Bahamas are good at any time of the year, but the busy season is in the period from mid-November to May. The Bahamas are disposed quite low in relation to sea level, so the wind blows in the winter months, but it is gentle and soberly pleasant. The air temperature is between 27-29 degrees from the end of autumn to the beginning of summer. Traveling with children, it is better to come in the autumn months, while the spring is more appropriate to go for new emotions, and peacefully enjoy the sunshine – in winter.

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