Horseshoe Bay beach

Horseshoe Bay, located in Southampton County, is Bermuda's most visited beach. In all regards, he is an example of Bermuda beach style - lazy, classic, but vibrant. In 2016, Conde Nast Traveler included it to the top 20 best beaches in the world.

Beach description

Horseshoe Bay beach resembles a pale pink horseshoe (hence the name), which looks profitably against the background of clear blue waters of the Atlantic. Even in the high summer, the soft pink sand on the beach does not get too hot. It can be explained by its composition, which includes tiny particles of corrals and shell dust that retains heat.

There are several excellent places for submarine studies off the eastern part of bay in limestone rock formations. Diving to the depth will allow you to see a variety of colorful fish (parrots, angels, labridae, golden perches), explore coral reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks.

However, divers need to know: ocean waters can be dangerous due to rip flows, and lifeguards are on duty only in the summer - in the high bathing season. Therefore, snorkeling and diving are recommended for experienced swimmers. Families with children should camp in the western part of the beach, where kids can splash in a natural shallow pool.

From may to October, when cruise liners begin to deliver thousands of visitors, Horseshoe Bay becomes crowded and noisy. After all, every guest of Bermuda has it on the list of mandatory places to visit. Early morning is the best time for lovers of a lonely beach leisure. They will surely enjoy the beautiful secluded bays that are within walking distance of Horseshoe Bay Beach.

When is it better to go

Peak season in Bermuda begins in the period from May to September. At this time, stable warm weather is established with a comfortable temperature of air and water. The conditions are ideal for beach vacations and water activities.

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At the entrance to the beach there is a large parking lot and a scooter park. The following amenities are available to vacationers:

  • free locker rooms with toilets and showers for the legs;
  • the cafe;
  • the bar with wi-fi access;
  • the summer kiosk selling refreshments;
  • the gift shop;
  • the rescue service;
  • rental offices where sun loungers, umbrellas, snorkelling equipment and water ski equipment are provided.

Where to stop

Horseshoe Bay beach is located within walking distance from many luxury hotels with landscaped pools, restaurant complexes, tennis courts, and access to golf clubs.

Where to eat

The assortment of beach cafe treat includes:

  • burgers;
  • hot dogs;
  • chicken and fish dishes;
  • ice cream;
  • mineral water, juice, alcohol.
The nearest Italian restaurant serves:

  • pizza;
  • panini (buns with ham, cheese or other filling);
  • fresh seafood;
  • different variations of international cuisine.

You can stock up on fresh food — vegetables, meat, and poultry — at a special farm store in Southampton.

What to do

Horseshoe Bay is an ideal place for sunbathing, swimming and various sports:

  • water activities (diving, snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing or water skiing, sport fishing);
  • team games (volleyball, football, cricket);
  • golf (many people attend the nearest Port Royal Golf Club);
  • rock climbing.

On the courtyard of the cafe there are often picnics at tables under sheds. In the evenings, vacationers gather in the cozy patio of the bar, where the orchestra plays. Fans of night adventures go to the night club 'Light'.

Cultural tourism enthusiasts might be interested in Southampton's attractions:

  • the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world - Gibbs Hill;
  • the church of St. Anne of the 18th century with an observation deck;
  • the fort and Whale Bay Park;
  • nature reserves Seymour's Pond and Vesey with endemic plants;
  • Great Sound is an area with many sailing boats.

Every year, exciting beach events are held on the beach:

  • sand sculpture contest (in August);
  • kite festival (Good Friday);
  • Beachfest - the largest beach party in Bermuda, the highlight of which is the cup match (August 3);
  • Valentine's Day.

Weather in Horseshoe Bay

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Useful information

  1. Horseshoe Bay is near bus route No. 7 that runs between the shipyard and Hamilton City. It takes about 35 minutes by bus from the shipyard to the beach and 30 minutes to Hamilton.
  2. From the bus stop to the beach you need to walk 400 m down the access road and then a few meters along the boardwalk. If the descent down the slope is not difficult, then the return trip for an elderly person or child can be tiring. To avoid a steep climb, you should take a taxi or take a minibus, approaching the entrance to the beach.

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