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The British Virgin Islands is a group of small islands managed by the UK, each of which has its own location and unique atmosphere. Virgin Gorda, one of the largest of them, is a popular tourist destination with chic resorts, pristine beaches and developed sailing. The most famous of all places and at the same time unusual is the beach of Bass.

Beach description

Golden sand beach washed by light blue ocean waters is not a rarity for Virgin Islands: so you won't have to worry about comfort and beauty here. Whether you manage to find a place to put your towel, Bass beach is a rather popular place, especially among young people and those in search for impressions. Bottom depth drop is rather smooth here, but waves can be high, especially in winter period, which can make staying with children or elderly relatives complicated.

However, the main sight of the beach is represented by giant scattered boulders. The size of the majority of them exceeds 12 meters but water and wind made them smooth and round-shaped with time. They are crossed by paths and stairs leading to the Devil's Bay - the neighboring beach and a perfect place for scuba-diving. However, almost all visitors choose another path, the natural one, located directly under the rocks. You'll have to walk, crawl and swim over small cool pools hiding in shadows. So, beside vacation photos, you will bring home wonderful impressions.

When is the best time to go?

Since the islands have a tropical climate, the air temperature during the year is practically unchanged and rarely drops below 24 degrees. The same temperature level is noted when determining the water temperature. The wettest and most comfortable months to stay – are from September to November, but the hurricane season also falls on the same period. Therefore, the best time to relax – is the beginning of December or May and the end of April.

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The nearest major city from which you can get to Bass is Spanish Town - it is located at a distance of slightly more than 2 kilometers. You can easily get along the main road to the National Park, which includes the beach, from where you should go downstairs. If you do not want to be driving on your vacation, then the best solution would be to rent a room or a small house with local residents near the beach. However, if comfort is a priority for you, pay attention to the hotel Virgin Gorda Village, 4*. There are only 5 rooms, but each of them is decorated in its own unique style, and many of the visitors noted the menu, cleanliness and courtesy of the staff.

But you will definitely not stay hungry when visiting the beach: at the top there is a restaurant with amazing views and sea cuisine, and at the entrance to the beach there is a small buffet. Then you can go diving, go fishing or take a boat ride (you can take a taxi to the nearest pier; many prefer to swim rather than get to the beach), as well as visit the nearby gift shop.

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Useful information

It is worth noting that visiting the beach, unlike most others, is not free. For adults: 3$ for entrance, for children from 11 to 17 years 2$, for children from 10 years inclusive and younger — admission is free. The price includes only a stay on the beach for an unlimited time, renting sun loungers or umbrellas, unfortunately, is not possible. But for the convenience of visitors at the entrance there are showers and lockers that are locked. Also, if you have free time, you must:

  • visit the Devil's Bay: stunningly beautiful place for scuba diving and fishing;
  • taste callaloo soup at a local restaurant: you will not find it in places other than Virgin Gorda;
  • walk along the paths to Spring Bay Beach;
  • drive into the Gorda Peak National Park, where the highest point of the island is located;

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