Cote des Basques beach

On the rocky western coast of France there is a place, that became the homeland of European surfing - Cote de Basque beach. Located a few kilometers from the Spanish border, the beach owes its name to the locals-basques, for whom this beach became one of the favorite.

Beach description

A wide sandy strip, framed by a series of rough boulders, the azure sea, through which it is possible to see the Spanish coast with the high Pyrenees far off - this is what Cote de Basque is.

The sea in the Bay of Biscay can not be called peaceful and gentle. Cool water is combined here with strong waves - echoes of the powerful currents of the Atlantic Ocean. But precisely because of these qualities, the beach is so loved by riders of every stripe: already in the fifties Biarritz was universally considered to be the capital of surfing in Europe.

It should be borne in mind, that there are days, when the waves are so high, that they bury all the sand underneath, and the water reaches certainly the rocks at the fence, if not the beach wall. Due to this feature, Cote de Basque is not quite suitable for those, who choose it just for doing nothing on the beach or resting with small children. But on ordinary days on the beach there is a lot of space for walks and beach games like volleyball. It is possible to bask in the sun and watch extreme surfers performing tricks.

Riders do not leave the beach year-round, but the hottest time is in the summer. The festival is organized here: competitions are held, athletes demonstrate their skills.

Due to strong waves, there is a high risk of injury or accidentally swimming farther, than planned. To prevent accidents, rescuers are on duty on the beach from June to September.

Thanks to the ramps, Cote de Basque became accessible for disabled people. However, special equipment for people with disabilities ends thereupon.

The beach is located south of Biarritz city center. It is possible to reach it by car in two ways: from Boulevard Prens de Gaulle (in the summer you will have to pay a small fee, in addition, difficulties may arise: most parking spaces are reserved for the disabled) or from Bue Rivage Avenue. The trip to the beach will take 5 minutes.

When is the best time to go?

It is possible to relax in France at any time of the year, the time of the trip depends more on your preferences. Summer - a great time to travel to the sea. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, even on the southern French Riviera is not hot weather. In winter , people go to ski resorts in France. It should be be mindful that in summer and winter in France there is a high season, respectively, prices soar. To enjoy the excursions, choose the time from February to April or from September to November, when both in the north and in the south it is not very crowded. If you go to the French Riviera in September, you will never lose: You will find a time when the weather is still warm and the prices are not so high. 

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After leaving the beach of Cote de Basque, after 15 minutes of walk you will find yourself in the center of Biarritz, so you will not have a grievance against infrastructure. A shuttle bus will take you from the beach to the center and vice versa.

On the streets of Biarritz, stretching along the beach, you will find hotels to every taste. Interhome – Edouard VII will offer you inexpensive accommodation and European service. A swimming pool and tennis court are located on the territory of the hotel, and it is located 10 minutes walk from the beach.

In a four star ResidenceMer & GolfEugenie you will find comfortable rooms, that are both simple and beautiful in design. For fitness lovers, the hotel has a gym.

Numerous cafes, burgers, bistros and restaurants are located along the Boulevard of Prens de Gal, where you can drink a refreshing cocktail and eat fresh seafood.

Weather in Cote des Basques

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Useful information

Cote de Basque is also popular with those, who are just learning to ride a wave. There are surf schools on the beach, that offer to study in a group or in person with an instructor. Near the beach there is Wildlife and Fauna Park and Oceanarium.

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