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Forte dei Marmi is a town located in Tuscany on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. Back in the last century, celebrities and just wealthy people began to come here. Everything here is perfect: colorful gardens, well-equipped beaches, picturesque meadows, mild climate.

Beach description

The beaches in Forte dei Marmi are considered the best for relaxation, when compared with other resort areas of Italy. They are covered with sand, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime. Long enough and extensive, stretching along the coast.

It is convenient to relax with your family here — the children will always find something to do, and swimming here is safe due to the sandy shallow bottom. Also, beaches are relevant for those who are not used to sitting still, appreciates an active life and love water sports. There is a lot of water entertainment. As for the accomodation, then lawn chairs and an umbrella need to be ordered, this is a paid service. In the middle of the season, two lawn chairs and an umbrella will cost about 20 EUR.

Most of the beaches are in a private area and belong to hotels. Those who stay at the hotel have the advantage of not paying for a beach holiday. There are also completely free areas, but they are located on the outskirts. There are usually so many people that a quiet and comfortable vacation is out of the question..

How to get here

There are many ways to get to Forte dei Marmi. Those who do not have their own transport can take the train from Pisa and get off at Forte dei Marmi-Seravezza-Querceta station. Pisa itself is only 30 kilometers away. The same applies to Florence, Genoa, where there are always trains that go to this popular resort. If you want to move from a nearby resort here, you can catch a bus. You can take a taxi from any airport in neighboring cities by ordering it in advance.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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The hotels here are the most convenient for living, and accommodate everything you need for comfort and peace. Almost all of them are located in the middle of the tropic gardens, and this magnificent view opens from the windows. There are places for recreation, for various sports games in the territories : tennis tables, golf poles. There are also swimming pools where you can swim in the open.

Four and five star hotels are famous all over the world: businessmen, showmen, singers and other famous people flock here. For an easier holiday, there are three-star hotels, which are much cheaper and don't hit on the budget as much. But exceptional wealthy visitors often rent entire villas and get some privacy there. But they must be rented for a long time — starting from one month or more. Quite often they reside in this villas for the whole summer or entire warm season.

In Forte dei Marmi, you can take a car and take a short trip to the local cities. Visit Siena, Livorno, Florence and Pisa. You can also choose a boat trip and visit the islands of Capri and Elba.

Weather in Forte dei Marmi

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Useful information

Although the town is small, there is always something to see here. The ancient fortress of the same name is a real symbol of the city, not a single tourist will pass it by. It is also interesting to visit the fort, you can go there on excursion tips. The warehouse of marble requires special attention - the building of 1618, considered to be the one of the very first urban buildings.

Piazza Marconi is near to the port itself. As soon as the season of tourist influx begins, a huge market with homemade products, souvenirs, and especially fashionable clothes opens in the square. Here you can buy Italian wine, as well as cheese. In the city itself there are many boutiques from the most popular designers, where you can buy whatever your heart desires.

Another square - Piazza Dante is different in a way that objects of culture are being sold here. Here you can buy an antique items: from small cards to paintings. The square is filled with ancient statuettes, dishes, all kinds of hand-made ornaments, books and much more.

The third square is Garibaldi. It is located in the very center, and here you can visit the Museum of Satire and Caricature, which stores sketches of paintings, originals of the works of the Middle Ages, contemporary art.

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