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Viareggio beach is located on the coast of the Lirugi Sea. This area is also called the Riviera di Versilia. Several centuries ago, the aristocrats of Florence started rolling in the town and eventually turned it into a resort area. Since that time, the territory protected by the Apuan Alps now brought not only to Italian visitors but also to tourists from all over the world. This is not in vain, because Viareggio is a truly popular and prestigious resort, where the infrastructure is at the highest level.

Beach description

People go to Viareggio to see the light yellow beaches that stretch into the distance, which seem endless with their own eyes. And not just to see, but also to relax there, plunge into the sea and feel for themselves what a fashionable Italian resort is like. The beaches are completely sandy. Entry into the deep water is gradual, without any sudden drops to the depth. Therefore, you can relax here with children completely fearlessly. The beaches are clean and the water is perfectly clear. EU's "Blue Flag" confirms cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

You can choose a beach to your liking and financial possibilities. At first glance it is impossible to find the difference between paid and municipal beaches. Both are well equipped, cleaned, attractive, have everything you need for a comfortable accomodation. But on paid beaches there is a service, and it is several times higher in level. Some of these enclosed spaces even contain swimming pools with real sea water. This comes in handy when the sea has too strong waves.

The municipal beaches are always crowded, especially on weekends, when the locals come to rest. Viareggio Municipal Beach has a separate name — Lecciona, as well as the name of the park located nearby. The park can be reached by bicycle or hiking.

All beaches have this particular feature: It is undesirable to stay there after 6 PM as they are closing. Therefore, walking until the night near the sea will not be possible. But this minus does not cover all the advantages that bring real pleasure in the daytime.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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The infrastructure here is very well-developed: many restaurants, beauty salons, villas and hotels. The resort area provides the opportunity for swimming in the sea, sunbathe and to play sports: tennis, surfing, cycling or golf.

Restaurants that serve gourmet national dishes of particular value. Tourists enjoy deliciously cooked seafood, vegetable salads, sheep’s cheese. Natural food in the form of baked vegetables and mushrooms is especially nutritious, tasty and healthy, so restaurants are never empty.

Viareggio is a place for many opportunities to make a gorgeous purchases. There are all imaginable conditions for that: many boutiques with collections from world famous designers, large shopping centers where you can arrange shopping. If you cannot live a day without shopping, then you will not get bored here.

How to get here

You can get to Vergilio from any big city in Italy, tourists usually arrive by plane. The railway connection is also well developed, and roads also lead from all directions. It is not far from Pisa airport at all — just under 26 kilometers.

Weather in Viareggio

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Useful information

The resort town gathers every year for a carnival, where they bring huge dolls that are representing politicians and celebrities. Figures are transported on platforms around the boulevard so that everyone can see them. A carnival procession takes place at the same time.

There are also many beautiful architectural structures that are real historical monuments. Matilda Tower, built in the 14th century, is a real symbol of the city. Gran Caffe Margherita can be considered an unusual building, since this building is not the property of Romanesque architecture and takes its origins from the eastern peoples.

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