Anfi del Mar beach

The best beach for children.

The magnificent artificial beach with coral white sand is the hallmark of the popular children's resort. It is well known to family tourists around the world. It is often visited by the Spaniards themselves, lovers of club entertainment. Anfi del Mar is located in the southwest of the island in the city of Patalovas.

Beach description

Everyone can get to the beach of Anfi del Mar absolutely free. The restriction applies only to beaches located on the territory of hotel complexes. The beach is surrounded by many green palm trees, adjacent to a large port. Ideal for children's fun games. Even a child can swim without fear in the ocean, there are no waves, a gentle descent into the water. Favorable conditions for recreation are created by the bay, which prevents the penetration of winds.

You can get to the beach by car from the small fishing town of Arginegin. There will be several pointers along the way. On a hill, you can park for free in the open air or park your car in a covered 24-hour parking lot. You will need to pay for the service through a nearby parking meter. You can get from the parking lot to the coast by a glass elevator, which is located right at the exit of the parking lot. A narrow rocky road leads from the free parking to the ocean.

When is it better to go

In Gran Canaria, warm winters and hot summers reign, however, the weather on the island can vary greatly depending on the chosen vacation spot. In the south, it is always warmer and drier thanks to the mountains that hold back the cold air flow, which is why the main resorts are located there. Summer – is the best time for a beach holiday in Gran Canaria.  

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On the beach there is everything necessary for relaxation, pleasure of children and adults. The developed infrastructure makes it attractive not only for foreigners, but also for local Spaniards. You can stay in the sand on a towel or rent an umbrella and deck chair. There are free foot washes and showers for tourists.

In Anfi del Mare, you can not only relax in the warm sun, but also go in for water sports, ride a banana or a catamaran. Near the beach there is a large playground. Despite some remoteness from the city, the territory of the resort complex is strewn with shops, restaurants. There is even a shopping center with well-known brands.

Lovers of outdoor activities near the beach will find sites for tennis and golf. Vacationers can take a short trip on a yacht and enjoy the local beauties or go on an exciting ocean fishing trip. Every evening, the territory of the club town lights up with colorful lights, incendiary music sounds, competitions and contests are held.

Where to stop

Even a budget tourist will find a place for an overnight stay or a long vacation near the beach of Anfi del Mar. Vacationers can pre-book a room in a luxury hotel or rent a small room on a hillside upon arrival. More often foreign tourists stay in Anfi del Mar. The very famous complex on the coast. Here you can always rent rooms of various levels of comfort. Mountain and ocean view rooms are available.

Weather in Anfi del Mar

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