Beaches in Tenerife

10 best beaches in Tenerife

Attracting more than 10 million visitors a year, Tenerife resorts offer relaxation on the white sandy beaches with first-class hotels. Fabulous walks through the rainforests and exciting trips to designer boutiques, ecstasy from the hot carnival (trailing only Rio), and inspiration from museum expositions are waiting for visitors to the island. Pico del Teide, sparkling with snow, will be the culmination of this variety of impressions. Take your time to experience wonderful moments in Tenerife, explore our rating of the best of its beaches.

10 best beaches in Tenerife

1001beach can make your search for a vacation place easy and pleasant. We have chosen the best beaches in Tenerife and made ratings based on their natural features, infrastructure and tourists' reviews. On our website you can find complete information about a beach vacation.


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