Troya beach

Beach for lovers of a good wave

Actually, there are two beaches - Tori I and Tori II, separated by a stone pier. When you want to talk with the wave, you cannot find a better place. The wave here is decent, despite the barriers.

Beach description

The total length of both beaches is about 400 meters, although the depth is small, up to 40 meters. The beach is artificial, like almost all other beaches in the area. Golden sand from the Sahara. The wave, though large, is calm. This beach is not suitable for families with children. The bottom is flat, entry to the sea is sloping. Rescuers carefully watch the bathing during the day. For its environmentally friendly area, the beach received the Blue Flag.

Troy is located next to the Las Veronicas district, where night discos do not fall silent until the morning. There is also an information tourist center, which will orient the new arrivals about the places of rest and the location of the main attractions. Along the beach runs the promenade connecting this area with the areas of Los Cristianos and La Caleta. Nearby there are many budget cafes, eateries, bars. English youth love to relax on these beaches, who prefer inexpensive snacks and beer, as well as budget accommodation. The beach has all the necessary infrastructure.

When is it better to go

In Tenerife, you can relax all year round, but the most comfortable months for a beach holiday are July, August and September. In winter, the island is prone to precipitation and strong winds. The temperature of the ocean all year round is around +21 °C.

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Las Americos has many different hotels. There are those that operate on an all-inclusive system, costing from 350 € per day, there are budget apartments where you can spend the night for 30 €. Las Americas has great pizzerias. A delicious pizza will cost you 7 €, and a beer - 2.5 €. Young people also enjoy a weak alcoholic drink Sangria, a glass of which costs 3-4 €. In this resort area is the most famous shopping street, called the "Golden Mile", which presents boutiques of branded world brands. Here, in the immediate vicinity of the resort, Siam moll shopping center is located, where you can not only purchase food and clothing, but also go to the movies, however, in Spanish or English. By the way, this is the only shopping center in the neighborhood that runs all week. All others are closed on Sunday.

This beach has all the necessary infrastructure. A parasol deck chair will cost you 6 €, showers and changing cabins, and a toilet are free. But there is no equipment for disabled.

On the beach there is:

  • Outdoor and indoor shower (open for free, indoor - 2.2 €)
  • Toilet
  • Safe - 1 €
  • Resquers
  • Cafes and eateries

What to see

The island is small, and you can’t do without a car here. By car, in between beach vacations, you can drive to the Teide volcano, and on the way back, turn into the Wind Cave. This is a natural cave, which, as scientists say, is more than two tens of thousands of years.

You can get to the town of Guimar, where the pyramids are located. They were also explored by Tour Heyerdahl and claimed that they are similar to the Machu Picchu pyramids in Peru, only smaller. There are 6 of them. Admission to the park will cost adults € 18, children € 5.5. The pyramids operate throughout the year except Christmas Day and December 31st. The price includes the archaeological museum.

On vacation with a child, you can visit an ostrich farm or in the Camel Park, where you will be offered a safari. In general, there are more attractions in the north of the island than in the south. But Tenerife is good because you can reach any of them during the day and return to darkness. Moreover, it gets dark on the island after 21.00.

In the evening in the summer season you can go on an excursion to the castle of San Miguel. This is a modern, medieval-style castle where tourist shows are held. Truly, they are expensive, as they include dinner. For an adult, an excursion will cost 51 €, for a child - 25 €.

Weather in Troya

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Useful information

  1. There are about 70 beaches in Tenerife. In the southern part of the island, they smoothly pass one into another. The borders between them, like the resort areas themselves, are difficult to find. You can just walk along the boardwalk, choosing the one that you liked more. Entrance to any of them is free, you will only have to pay extra for using equipment.
  2. On all beaches there are foot taps where you can simply wash off the sand. This is convenient if the hotel is located nearby. No need to stand in line for a shower.

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