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The beach is located in the largest tourist area of all the Canary Islands near the southernmost city of Gran Canaria - Maspalomas. It is on this land area that an outstanding natural attraction originates - the Maspalomas Dunes. The cleanest beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its high environmental indicators. Despite the large flow of tourists all year round, he has maintained an honorary status for many years. This is the perfect place for bronze tan lovers.

Beach description

The beach is divided into four parts. The first part is for family vacationers, the second and fourth are for nudists, and the third was occupied by non-traditional tourists. Maspalomas occupies 4 kilometers of land along the ocean, flowing smoothly into Playa del Ingles. There are no clear boundaries. Separates two resorts national park. The final and southernmost point of Playa de Maspalomas is the highest lighthouse in the Canaries.

Most of the beach is considered nudist. Special shields will notify the beginning of the “swimwear at will” zone. Restaurants and cafes in this part of the coast are very rare. It is possible to stock up on provisions only with coastal merchants. A solid dinner in a comfortable setting is available on the opposite side of the beach or in one of the shopping centers closer to the city. The beach is more popular among couples of retirement age or single elderly tourists.

To see the mysterious sand dunes and sunbathe on the beach of Maspalomas, just do a short walking path from the city to the coast. The tourist road runs along Avenida de Tirajana. After you pass the large entrance arch, you can see the magnificent azure waters on the background of the golden sandy coast.

When is it better to go

In Gran Canaria, warm winters and hot summers reign, however, the weather on the island can vary greatly depending on the chosen vacation spot. In the south, it is always warmer and drier thanks to the mountains that hold back the cold air flow, which is why the main resorts are located there. Summer – is the best time for a beach holiday in Gran Canaria.  

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Maspalomas cannot be called a well-equipped beach. Showers are only at the exit to the city, there is a lack of toilets. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. Most of the restaurants are located outside the beach. Many establishments offer a "menu of the day". As a rule, this is soup, salad, meat dish and dessert. Popular drinks are wine or coffee. Maspalomas beachfront restaurants have a meat-eater paradise. The menu is dominated by many mixes from American, Chinese, Spanish cuisines.

You can spend a vacation on the ocean shore, watching the moving dunes from the window, in a luxury hotel, a small bungalow or luxury apartments. There is no problem with housing near the beach near Maspalomas beach.

The proximity to the real pearl of the resort brings popularity to the beach. Picturesque sand dunes play favorably in contrast with the blue of the limitless ocean. In the middle of the golden sandstone, which has the status of a conservation area, crowds of tourists roam. Here you can ride a mini-all-terrain vehicle, a camel, or go down from a 10-meter sandy hill on a sled.

A wide beach with high ocean waves attracts many surfers. For craftsmen, equipment rental works on the board, and beginners can take private lessons. There are no large stones at the bottom of the ocean, and the water is so clear that even small colorful fish are visible. A little closer to Playa del Ingles there is a rental point for catamarans and boats.

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Useful information

Entrance to the beach is completely free, after 16:00 you do not even have to pay for the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas. There are frequent tides, so when sunbathing close to water, you should consider the possible covering of a deck chair with a wave. 

Moving along the dunes is better in shoes, the sand is very hot. The beach area near the dunes is blown by the winds, so as soon as the weather begins to rage, it is better to leave the beach and take refuge in the hotel. Some excellent hotels on the coast are inaccessible to family tourists and vacationers of a traditional orientation.

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