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The spacious city beach of Puerto Rico is artificially created. Golden sand was brought here from the Sahara desert. The resort is specially prepared for meeting and accommodating tourists. The volcanic origin of the island is visible only on this coast. This tourist destination is a favorite among the British and Germans.

Beach description

The small resort agglomeration includes two artificial beaches: Puerto Rico, Playa de Amadores. The best coasts in the Canary Islands are distinguished by fine golden sand. The popular family beach reveals its beauty in the southwest of Gran Canaria, next to the magnificent flowering valley, where the greenery of the inland contrasts sharply with the rugged coastline.

The colorful sandy beach is located directly opposite the main city alley. Next to it are two cozy bays, waves in which are very rare. It is an ideal place for tourists with children. Due to the fact that Puerto Rico is protected from the ocean by high calcareous cliffs, an amazing natural pool was created.

When is it better to go

In Gran Canaria, warm winters and hot summers reign, however, the weather on the island can vary greatly depending on the chosen vacation spot. In the south, it is always warmer and drier thanks to the mountains that hold back the cold air flow, which is why the main resorts are located there. Summer – is the best time for a beach holiday in Gran Canaria.  

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Puerto Rico was once a simple fishing village between the rocks. Now it is a modern resort with a clean furnished beach, expensive hotels and cozy cafes. Snow-white hotels lined right on the majestic gray slopes, surrounding a sandy beach and a mysterious bay. The promenade is strewn with souvenir shops, shops and restaurants. In the evenings, live Spanish music comes from every establishment.

Near the beach is the world famous swimming center. Members of the organization own 5 gold Olympic medals. For tourists there are walks on transparent, durable boats, as well as mini-cruises along the exotic coast. Near the pier there is a large water park. For those who do not want to just sunbathe, Puerto Rico beach offers a wide variety of water activities:

  • · Hunting a blue marlin from a boat;
  • · Sailing to the dolphin habitat;
  • · Jet skiing, windsurfing;
  • · Scuba exploration of water depths.

Weather in Puerto Rico

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Useful information

The surroundings of Puerto Rico Beach do not have good roads. Most hotels and guest houses hosting tourists are located right on the slopes. To get from the apartments to the coast you have to go off-road, bypassing stones and dried driftwood. There will be practically nowhere to hide from the sun, since the mountainous semi-desert trails cannot boast of lush vegetation. Only dry herbs and shrubs grow in the natural environment.

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