Farenoque beach

The wild coast of Farenoque has retained its dignity in its original form. A cozy bay is located in the northwestern part of the island, near Agaete.

Beach description

Black volcanic sand, cozy lagoons attract to this place curious tourists and nature lovers who are simply tired of the bustle of the city. You can get to Farenoque beach only on foot. The whisper of the surf, barely restrained by the cliffs, will be a great end to a tourist trip.

Swimming here should be done with caution. Strong winds and big waves are inherent in Farenoque. It is better to take a warm oceanic bath in one of the calm bays, formed among the rocks in a natural way.

When is the best time to go

In Gran Canaria, warm winters and hot summers reign, however, the weather on the island can vary greatly depending on the chosen vacation spot. In the south, it is always warmer and drier thanks to the mountains that hold back the cold air flow, which is why the main resorts are located there. Summer – is the best time for a beach holiday in Gran Canaria.  

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