La Arena beach

On the natural beaches of Tenerife, volcanic fine sand of anthracite color. In the heat it warms up so that it is impossible to walk on it even in beach slippers. Under the feet there is black sand, the fore azure ocean, the behind palm trees - this fabulously beautiful place is called La Arena, which immediately captivates with its tranquility and comfort.

Beach description

La Arena is located in a small bay right in the center of Puerto de Santiago. The beach is not big itself. The length is a little more than 100 meters and in depth up to 40 meters. Entering the sea is although shallow, but sometimes there is a strong wave that brings large stones. It is better not to enter the water without special shoes And also this beach is not very suitable for families with children. They will be uncomfortable in the hot black sand, and they won’t be able to keep the baby on a deck chair. The water in La Arena is warmer than in many places, as a small bay warms up faster. Near the coast you can find fish, shellfish, even octopuses. For lovers of snorkeling it is the most suitable. And besides, coastal restaurants prepare these living creatures very tasty, although not cheaply. This beach is preferred by young people, as it is very beautiful, and jumping on the waves near the shore is a pleasure. The elderly tourists also like the beach, since black sand is very healthy.

When is it better to go

In Tenerife, you can relax all year round, but the most comfortable months for a beach holiday are July, August and September. In winter, the island is prone to precipitation and strong winds. The temperature of the ocean all year round is around +21 °C.

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La Arena Beach is a calm place, equipped with everything you need. There are umbrellas, sun loungers, and wooden walkways, although they reach only the middle of the beach, and then it is a red-hot “cereal”. It’s funny to watch people get up from their towels, and then jump into these walkways with rabbit leaps.

On the beach, rescuers are vigilantly watching the tourists. There are many cafes, restaurants, convenience stores and souvenir shops around. There is a small parking by the beach. We have to leave the car a few streets from the beach.

There are a large number of apartments in the surrounding area. Prices are various: from 50 to 200 € per day. Nearby hotels are mainly four-star hotels, the closest one is Be live experience Playa La Arena 200 meters from the beach. Overnight at the hotel will cost 190 €.

  • Shower (paid)
  • Toilet, also a place for changing clothes (paid)
  • Rescuers work

What to see

Near the beach there are the Mask Gorge and Los Gigantes, which are definitely worth a visit.

The completely sheer cliffs of Los Gigantes, like stone walls, reach a height of half a kilometer. They rise formidably above the ocean. They were called the “Walls of Hell” in the Middle Ages and thought that here it is the edge of the earth. The cliffs stretch for 10 km. Tourists-tourists are brought to them by boats, which at the foot of these rocks seem to be grains of sand.

Maska Ravine is one of the most popular tourist routes in Tenerife. They go to the ravine either from the beach, or, conversely, from the top, which you need to climb the mountain serpentine by car. Here you can arrange a sumptuous photo shoot if you do not get tired of the long path (4 km) along the gorge.

Weather in La Arena

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Landmar Playa La Arena
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Useful information

  1. The car must be left carefully, bypassing the yellow zone, it is for a taxi. You don’t have time to look around, cars are being evacuated to the parking lot. A proper fine is not less than 100 €.
  2. The cost of the toilet and shower is 50 cents.
  3. There are no ramps for wheelchairs on the beach.

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