Koekohe beach

Koekohe Beach is a mysterious, slightly fantastic place near the fishing village of Moeraki belonging to the Otago region on the beach line of the south island in New Zealand. Beach became widely known because of the huge boulders scattered along the beach, large, smooth or similar to a turtle shell, whole, cracked, exposing the grainy watermelon interior.

Beach description

At low tide, when slippery stone spheres appear on the beach, tourists flock here to capture the surreal beauty on their cameras. Not always you will find a foreshortening that someone from travelers did not get to a shot. It can be quite crowded.

To the beach is a step descent, where a box is installed to pay for the visit. Cafe customers for passage are not paid. Parking area is often filled with tourist buses. Little further from the stones tourist infrastructure: cafe and gift shop. Since they have an absolute monopoly, some t-shirt here can be purchased very cheaply.

The cafe has a toilet. Umbrellas do not give out, there is no need for them. Beach is more popular with fans to take pictures of unusual beauty and divers. Traveling with children not being burdensome. Even for mothers with babies at the cafe provide a separate room where you can feed the child, change a diaper on a special table.

Geological explanation of this miracle of nature is somewhat different from the legend that tells about the travelers who were wrecked off the beach of the island. Canoes and utensils for food and wine eventually turned into fossil residues. Scientists also calculate the history of boulders tens of millions of years, during which various geological rocks turned into what now appears before the intrigued eyes of travelers.

Best opportunities for photography are in early morning or late evening, when the soft sunlight spreads over the rocks. During the storm, also possible to make shots that are impossible anywhere else: not in New Zealand, not around the world.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to travel to New Zealand is December-January, the local summer. Despite the warming, the temperature rarely exceeds 30 degrees, so relaxing on the beach here is very comfortable.

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For a short stay in a picturesque location overlooking the ocean, you can stay in Moeraki Village Holiday Park, located in Moeraki Village. Hotel don't have the luxury but the conditions for rest are quite acceptable, staff is friendly, attentive to any little things. Except for the chirping of birds, no noise. Wi-Fi is available for a small fee.

Visitors of the hotel use the laundry, rooms have a refrigerator, can travel with pets. For guests - free parking lot. There is a small green lawn, where guests are accommodated with their tents close to the hotel kitchen.

To Moеraki Bolders very close. There is an opportunity to stay in a local tavern on the way, combine good food with the contemplation of a great view. There is park for children a few steps down the street. Moeraki is a great place to relax and enjoy seafood.

Local restaurants serve a variety of fish dishes, famous not for some squiggles on the plate, and full portions with the freshest products. Staff of local restaurant always tries to please, cares about the comfort of the client. It is worth trying blue cod in sauce, seafood soup, clams roast. Guests love the trio dish of fish frames, leg of lamb, chicken liver paste. Desserts are also on top: apples, apricots, pudding, ginger nuggets.

In the local gift shop you can buy souvenirs, clothes, jewelry for every taste. Here you can buy products of New Zealand handworkers. Visited antique shops, where a lot of interesting things at a moderate charge.

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Useful information

  1. To see the Moeraki Boulders, you need to drive south of Oamaru towards Hampden for about 40 km, which will take about 30 minutes.
  2. South island is cooler, with a lot of precipitation. You need to be prepared that even a summer day can be rainy and windy. In January ocean warms up well, you can swim.
  3. With safety everything is fine. New Zealand is famous for the lack of crime, you can walk even at night. But travelers must still observe elementary caution and prudence, keep track of your things.

Attractions in the area:

  • Walk to the lighthouse on the rocks to see the seals and penguins. Will need comfortable shoes without heels.
  • Couriers rift valley near Moeraki is a fantastic forest and bush with many birds, streams. There is closed equipped picnic area on the territory.
  • For lovers of fishing - fishing tours on a rented boat. Without fish, certainly is no one will remain.

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